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  1. Don't call my name, don't call my name. Ale alejandro ale alejandro!
  2. Surely the current squad is as anxious as us to get new faces in so then do you guys feel it also has a negative effect on them as it does to us supporters? My confidence takes a knock every time we miss out on a signing, is it the same for players?
  3. Agree with everything. Not overly fussed about Goodwillie and only seen the last 10 mins of the game as was working but we looked pretty shite not helped by the referee.
  4. He scored to beat us 3-2(I think) at ibrox. Verhoek looks brilliant though all I've seen is youtube clips.
  5. Watched some videos of this guy on youtube and he looked phenomenal!
  6. Good idea banning BBC Scotland then writing to BBC HQ with the reason behind the ban!
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