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  1. If he hadn’t have been such a cunt we would have won 10 In a row
  2. Spot on, let’s remain focused. A lot of hard work and improvement still has to be achieved before 55. lets not make the mistakes our complacent enemy has made
  3. We’ve won Fuck all and it’s time to stop getting carried away, let’s not fall into the trap that our enemy made assuming the title was theirs.
  4. Someone mentioned on tv that UEFA have confirmed it’s the longest goal in the Europa league
  5. Well when were we better coached then? the point is for example under smith the first time we were signing players who already were mostly at their prime, quality players who you expected to be part of league winning teams and they were. Whilst It was successful there is an argument that we signed many players who never reached their potential, many were good players but did they actually become better players? the point is not about winning or not, it’s about have we seen so many player signed as potential and actually fulfilling that potential and becoming better players.
  6. The place swings like a pendulum because there’s thousands of opinions, what do you expect? It’s not whether we pick up points or not, the point is we are seeing so many players game improving and in the medium to long term that is so important
  7. The system has changed, previously everything was going through him and if he was off form or suspended we were fucked. It’s now more fluid with the expectation that he drops deep more to contribute, he struggles with that but who knows he might grow into it. The role suits Roofe more, I think that’s why he was bought as the manager thinks it will make us a better team than with Alfredo up front
  8. The most striking thing is how many individual players have improved after a season or so under the current management team. tav, Goldson, Borna, Jack, Kamara, Aribo, arfield, Alfredo, Kent etc. All have became far better players than they were before. even under Smith I don’t remember seeing such an improvement in players. 🇬🇧
  9. Neve seen anything like it, superb. Even more important though, his style is so going to suit our style of play
  10. If you die of the COVID we’re coming looking for you big boy
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