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  1. When Goram was playing for us at his peak he was the best in the U.K. we kept him because at that stage we paid as good wages as anyone in the UK. Goram was that good that if had of been around 10 years later we could not have afforded to keep him as he would have been lured away to one of the top 6. McGregor has never reached the heights of Goram at his peak however he has lasted longer at a first class level meaning overall you can’t really separate them. in summary at their peak Goram was better but McGregor was the better keeper over a prolonged period
  2. That used to be our European record in one game. Not sure if it still is
  3. Small donation made, well done 💙
  4. Would have been celebrating 56 if it hadn’t of been for that prick
  5. Nice to see some pensioners survived the virus....
  6. I don’t think you’re getting this, his point is correct. It can generate them an extra £5-6 million a year in revenue, that does make it difficult to compete with them if they are doing well. I don’t think it’s any coincidence since that expanded to 60,000 they have had the upper hand.
  7. I don’t disagree that by covering his mouth and the reaction he got that it points to something racist. Not one for sticking up for UEFA but unless it can be proved he said it I'm not sure that they can throw the book at him. Personally if it was a rangers player I would want him sacked but again if he denies it then you have to pay up his contract. In short I’ve no doubt he said it but the difficulty is proving it
  8. Why would you need to call the police when the police were there?
  9. BT commentary team heard kamara shouting racist three times at him
  10. Yip, he knew exactly what he was doing
  11. Surely there can only be 1 player that heard it which sadly means we can’t take it all the way? Looking at the video Zungu didn’t hear anything, he heard Jamar a shouting racist?
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