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  1. AlCapone

    Ryan Kent

    Stfu and take your frillies off. Are you Jim Denny?
  2. Having had a sniff at yer wife’s knickers that’s a big statement
  3. We need to use this to get as many clubs n our side as possible, let’s lose the no one likes us we don’t care attitude. You push through change by getting others on your side and gaining influence.
  4. He doesn’t believe it’s over and neither he should. He is focused on winning every single game left and completing the season undefeated. That’s why he’s got us into this position, him and his team are winners and ultimate professionals.
  5. Yes there is a remote possibility. Being focused and working hard until we are champions does not stop you enjoying yourself, the exact opposite. stupid & amateurish comments, thank god we have a proffesional management team who remain focused
  6. The manager says it isn’t , I’ll trust his judgement thanks
  7. It’s no where near over
  8. There is no Scottish Government, just a U.K. government and 3 assemblies
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