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  1. The whole squads legends, probably though some of those that have been here 2-3 years and not near the first team need to go to free up places for new recruits. Stewart, Barker, Jones, the fridge etc, all played their part in the journey so a huge thanks from me
  2. Raging at nothing mr attention seeker, as I said anyone who thinks Simpson should go in the summer is brain dead. In case you haven’t noticed our management teams speciality is improving players and after a couple of seasons if they aren’t battling for a first team spot we should sell, one things for sure they will be a better player than the one we bought. No doubt you wanted Katie and Tav out previously. Man Up and stop taking turns to wear the frillies with skyline pink
  3. Remember that time you were on here moaning about someone behind you singing the BB at a game, someone said well what didn’t you do something about it at the time and you replied I did, I glared at them 😂
  4. You should be first out the door for being a fanboy of independence, feeble pussy
  5. Sorry but anyone that says Simpson can go is just brain dead
  6. Aye when yer getting fisted up the arse
  7. Lots of his Aberdeen squad didn’t like him, felt used and that he didn’t look out for them financially. Were Made to play through injury or else and it shortened many of their careers at the top if you were of use to him and no threat you were fine, as soon as yo7 had an opinion different from him didn’t want to know
  8. Always think it’s funny when he gets angry about the slur to his wife, didn’t worry about his wife when he was shagging around
  9. My dad knew him as well, said he was a cunt
  10. That’s not really a sensible basis for measuring POTY, many people will think Tav won’t be so missed as we have an excellent replacement. POY for me is Tav, the important crucial part of the season was August to January as that set the narrative and broke our rivals. tav Was immense in this period and I believe drove the success more than any other. a legend
  11. What is it with Canadians and their liberal shite, we are Rangers and we should never be happy with a draw. Fcuk Justin x
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