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  1. lack of crowds playing there part, the 100k a week egos need shouted at to play
  2. Schooled at Arsenal, bred to play fitba from an early age, Arsenal especially school their youth on time woth the ba, shows well with kamara. There is many bargains out there that come away from these top Premier league teams, we need to find them before they hit ther Championship etc... No shock either it was wee Neil McCann who brought him north, a man who would fit perfect into our Academy.. Him and Aribo at 350k could make us alot of pennies in the near future.. Kamara finds consistency and switched on in lower matches then we will have a finished gem.
  3. Jorge cadetti, hair like spaghett... Portuguese and hes one of these Mark Viduka, his wives a fucking hooker...
  4. Old skool Boab, kitkat he used to get called, still belts out a few in the Unity club from time to time
  5. The talk of players when in reality Jimmy is the last line of proper protestant traditions within Rangers.
  6. Wee Alec, a dear friend that is sadly missed, his voice lives on, top chanter, top loyalist, Davy Mc also top fluter.
  7. hate sly and their blm crusade, but really enjoyed reading that, Gazza was my hero as a kid, simples.
  8. Has started tonight beside Davis for Norn Iron, started well, hope we see a player there coming onto a game.... P.S fk the tartan trannies
  9. Best striker of the ball ive ever seen at Rangers, a hero of mines as a boy growing up, One of few foreigners to tick all boxes of what it means.
  10. Done a few jobs in some ofthem over here Northern Ireland, put me right off... We have a franchise over here called Herrons, only 6 or 7 of them, only place id go for fried chicken.
  11. reminds me of beetlejuice lol
  12. Seriouse note, boy looks good if fit.... on paper and if we get everyone fit, then there is going players sitting in the stand such is the strength in some parts... good luck bongo
  13. This twitter nutter aint very funny, cunts getting paid big bucks to make as look like goons on social media
  14. out of interest, grabbed screenshot of the mankys games, the next 8/9 games.... including sparta prague away last of 9 not in screenshot and st johnstone also away sunday, thoughts?
  15. meant to be a tarrier, but along with shankland we need to be snapping this boys up, both bosmans or small comp, then loaning out or if they impress intraining show them a path, nisbet will go onto the tarriers i bet.
  16. Been Scottys biggest praiser on here, knew it and seen it from a young age when i was lucky enough to play against him, hes spot on too and have been in his company many years ago before he moved to England. Likes of Defoe and Arfield are needed for league games at Ibrox to break teams down with 11 men behind the baw... Aribo doesn walk back into that team and wont going by gerrards comments, scotty, tav and kent are our key players right now
  17. thank fuck, nae more goldson leading the gang, morelos hardly does it lol looks round and sees goldson doing the first etc
  18. Itten in for Morelos, possibly Jones again for Kent this time? Kent seems so important to us right now, even resting him for leagues games against Ross County etc seems a big decision, dont want to burn him out though, the squad of nearly 26 players needs used however. Big Cedric in for 90 mins in the league before the tarriers....Morelos off the boil other night.
  19. 100% fanatatsic result and good to see squad harmony, we have not won nothing yet to celebrate however...
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