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  1. Bassey shouldn't have dropped the Jersey, one of few who has met the demands of a Rangers player this season. Desire, fight, drive, aggression. His Jersey again for Saturday, patterson also showing energy and determination
  2. Bassey and patterson done more than tav n baradic compard over past 4 games in first 20 mine of this match. More energy, determination, desire and fight from the young guns
  3. the recruitment from January has to be questioned, only wright has offered anything near the quality needed but at that is only a prospect himself.
  4. always seems to be the fringe players who impress and shoved back out again, bassey has done nothing wrong yet underperforming, weak as fuck borna barasic makes it in there again...
  5. Hes a cheap experiment, nothing more.
  6. Toothless as fuck all over the park and shadow from. Last season
  7. Yes they are, but we as a team have regressed, even gerrards first season, we played free flowing fitba, aggression, fight, desire to win the ball back, pressed as a team/unit...list goes on If you are not concerned by this season so far then you have a huge shock coming... I hope im wrong but the signs are worrying.
  8. Couldn't concede last season, now its our best trait so far this season, despite sitting 1rst, going by what ive see so farm we have regressed and worse than gerrards first season so far IMO, Concerning on our summer additions to the squad,
  9. hasnt started any games yet??? we never gave itten a run of 2 games or more on a row then complained.
  10. wright, sakala, roofe on sunday or I start to seriously worry about Gerrard and this season
  11. Champions league??? Cam you imagine the doins we'd be getting???
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