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  1. I argue like fuck mate, even tavernier went off the boil and was lost without him last season. He brought in around 6 wingers, combined none have gave us what candeias did
  2. Europeean runs and Covid has pasted over and saved Gerrard.
  3. Imagine likes of the Real fergie, Ian version getting hold of these fuds in this day and age, hed kick there cunts in and take there phones aff them. bring back old skool ffs, rather watch Walter getting slagged on here, yet win league cups and take us to uefa finals, gerrard has spent more than walter did 2nd time around.
  4. not on that instagram carryon or twitter, id fucking hound the cunts for such acts. welcome to 2020 snowflake Rangers, boak
  5. name and shame, almost widass like, wouldn be suprised if one was goldson....
  6. we are spending more than the tarriers... how many players we need 30 man squad??? outgoings are not bringing us anything in, Missing McCrorie etc, Sunday is his kinda game, more so jack is out, gerrards 2nd biggest regret will be mccrorie after candeias, give me candeias than barker, jones, ojo( last season) and middleton COMbined
  7. murderwell take penalties against part time coleraine, coleraine good protestant club with good support, beat maribor last round too
  8. cmon the bannsiders, penalties now v murderwell
  9. off topic, but coleraine lads smashed mwell today, mothwesmells famous saturday service or what is left of them.... can watch it live on bbc northern ireland sportsite, im watching linfield getting beat here 1 nil fs
  10. Signs for Dundee, odds on to score freekicks for buttons
  11. The gerrard effect, more sothe young boys are bluenoses, rather loan in ojos and kings...
  12. Better start as half the staff at Ibrox and Auchenhowie are tarriers..... Specky robertson invites them over....
  13. How is still able to walk the streets especially the west coast i do not know, due a tanking
  14. Victoria stadium, Gibraltar, said this last season we when played st Joseph's... but played on the park Army v Lincoln Red imps b sorta team... All these mad semi pro medterian teams are all fit teams without much quality. All 10 teams in the Gibraltar premier league play at the only stadium and fitba park on the Rock. Lying as there is a 5g pitch with the tri service(army, navy, rag camp that's probably better than the pitch at the stadium. Is Gibraltar on the covid list??? Said I'd try go back after missing out last year. Gibraltar is quality... n tax free
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