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  1. Look closely at the replies on this thread, reeling them all in...
  2. There's a difference between difference of opinion and speaking I'll of the war dead/Royal family. No compromise here. No jog on ya rabid tarrier.
  3. Disrespect an OAP, wartime hero and member of the Royal family, I will not stand back as previously said. Id expect to see some of the posts aimed at Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh in this thread over at Kerryfail St... No hard man patter, not the only one would react. The antagnisers would not break wind of such talk in a Rangers boozer/ Orange Hall. As stated they more than would likely get their cunt kicked in, fact. Use the block button would you if you don't like my response.
  4. Saying still stands. If you had disregarded your comments on Prince Philip in a bad for ex PRW, I'd not be the only one ready to kick yer cunt in. Bad mouthing any the Royal family there would be plenty proper bears ready to do damage.. As said, your politics fit in with the beasts over the East end.
  5. Where is the bit where I say directly, "I'll smash you to pieces"? That Tam Coopz edited himself, maybe you and Tam Cooper are the same person?
  6. Aribo doesn't start for me next weekend. Too many passengers, Arfield, Roofe were major for us pre injury. I'd honestly thought Wright starts today, I'd have Wright, Kent, morelos.
  7. Jon, only player who looked interested in playing at 100% was Kent! Still 8/9 games left and lot yo play for, McGregor was going off his nut towards the end, hope he raised his voice in the dressing room at full time
  8. My fear is without jack we are far too soft in the middle if the park. Last 2 games they have been the better team despite us getting results. We need to press and win the 2nd baws. Dominant Centre midfield enforcer needs addressed in the summer!
  9. Where's the proof? Away er to Kerrydale St where your political views will fit in fine.
  10. I thought follow follow was full of upended arses. I would never argue in person with a proper bear, but some of the trolls on here are here to antagonise, nothing more. I'm all for difference of opinion, but I will not stand back at some of the comments at a man who was nearly 100 years of age having served his country for almost his entire life be it WW2 or by HM The Queens side through the past almost 75 years.
  11. Can I report TamCoopz for editing comments to make me look like I said something I didn't. What a 🔔
  12. What a w**ker, EVERYONE please look at Tamz coopers quote on my comment, he has edited a comment using my username. Never once did I say I'll smash you to bits 🤣🤣🤣 What a attention seeking weirdo.
  13. The best post on here, aw the wee SNP gimps, new age kid on Rangers with taig pals. Wee gimps, plenty them on here, shout the roof off for anything from left wing politics.
  14. Can someone explain wtf is happening with the Scottish championship and league 1/2, league1 is scheduled to play 18 games, is that right???
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