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  1. luxury players, that still has to develop aggression in his game in the SPHell more so, to push up forward and drag the team forward, needs to be braver, hes still fearful of being whacked, hes a quiet lad, if he found some aggression he would be 15 mil plus player. Wasted in central midfield, needs an attacking role.
  2. gerrard brought 4 of the 5 i mentioned in, middleton one baffles me, great breakthrough season, changed the game in europe a few times, never to be seen again...
  3. what about stewart, barker, jones, middleton, or hastie?? We need to balance, for my input, Stewart is the player id bring on to change anything, stewart has being given any chance this season at all, actually decent with the ball at his feet and plays through balls, has never really had a chance imo, wright is any better than those mentioned above. we need to stop buying average and flooding oru squad with players of the same ability.
  4. Peter Lieingwell has spoke and got the go ahead from above
  5. no crowds is exactly mate, still think goldson has a bombscare moment in him but seems to have got rid hopefully for good, dilly dally etc we plat out from our own 6 yard line everytime we start play from the back, everyone seems confident however we need to choose the right times to bring teams out, I reckon the no crowds is HUGE for imo, some of them might struggle again with crowds......
  6. very vocal when the team celebrates a goal, the full team celebrates, if you watch inside ibrox on Rangers and more so at the goals, you can clearly here the leaders in the team, goldson especially is very vocal.
  7. Stuck up for him last season hugley, our most important player past few months beside roofe
  8. id test the sheep for ferguson, no more than 1.5 million
  9. We signed barjonas for another season too....
  10. Enjoy this one folks, this was sent by an undercover agent lol this is in Londonderry and the guy in the guitar is a PRO IRA shiter singer video-1609684761.mp4
  11. plenty snp type appeasers on here believe it or not mate that would agree with the first part of your post lol
  12. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18977698.Rangers-europa-league-foes-royal-antwerp-gm-stunned-boss-leko-quits---no-intention-sacking/
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