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  1. Would not be suprised to see him back at Ibrox in a first team role in the future. Huge loss to the Academy
  2. Exactly, his proper playing time was up...
  3. He is, but he married a pape is what I said. The real fergie never married a pape and was also a top player who only left the club when his time playing was up.
  4. No better than docherty imo
  5. Hes married to a pape. He was a great player for us, but doesn't get close to Iain Ferguson for me, didn't sell his soul. Hates the bastards
  6. I knew you were fishing and i was hook, line and sinker, hands up. I do despise they SNP/IRA bastards however
  7. Good effort mate, like a boomerang they were.
  8. Home and away to yer kitchen ya nugget, let me hear you chanting for the SNP next time your at Ibrox or away ? Plastic thistle or Septic fc associate with your political views, deranged or what.
  9. Scottish Conservative and Unionist party have issued a statement that backs Rangers, tactical voting in some areas was tried again a few weeks ago and the curve of the SNP has been knocked. it may take years to oust them, but we will.
  10. 🤣🤣 You still have a Nokia 3310 chum? I do agree with you in certain situations though. Just the way the world is now.
  11. Just to think troops, there is so called Rangers supporters on this very forum that support the SNP 🙈 SNPIRA... sane aims, same agenda, Unionist Rangers and the SNP don't go, now all you SNP lovers can ram that up yer hole.
  12. On the topic, glad to fuck IRA walker has been fucked off from our games. I thought McFadden has been fair dues and refreshed g to hear non bias despite McFadden being a manky.
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