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  1. full respect to the season ticket holders currently
  2. Italy, Poland both shut down again for supporters.... no crowd in the return game it looks
  3. No embarrassment here ya fud, Collum never gave the foul, yes he gave penalties both ways, still was a fucking foul though on cosgrove. Next time we run our parade in London, come and have a chat ya keyboard warrior
  4. wee fucking goblin? same hing, naw?
  5. Listen ya nugget, it was a foul by IRA duffy on cosgrove, 16 secs later in the same build up of play, the wee fucking goblin scores. that better?
  6. Why, clear foul by IRA duffy 16 secs on the lead upto the griffindors goal
  7. Covers up how pish poor they are however, just need to win the games v the tarriers, sheep collapse as per, only the hivs will gie them a game...
  8. hes a big durty bastard mate, knew he was boucning that by off the wall...
  9. I predict a sheep disaster 2nd hawf special....
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