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  1. 3 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

    I thought Shinnie one was a yellow bordering on a red. If Brown does that its not a foul, if a Rangers player does it's straight red.

    Only really seen the one replay but to me the way he came in with the straight leg he was putting Arfield in danger. 

    It’s a red for anyone not named Shinnie or Brown.

  2. No wonder Morelos spends most of his time on the pitch wanting to fight everyone when that’s the way he gets treated. Clancy couldn’t wait to get the card out for the dive, then it took him 89 minute to give a free-kick for a challenge on Alfredo. 

    McLennan not receiving a second yellow for the challenge on Candieas was appalling. Shinnie should have been sent off for the tackle on Arfield as well. 

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