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  1. The 87 Insigne card is good but prefer Gosens, by the end of the first half Insigne feels fucked already, Gosens just bombs up and down the wing for days no bother. Insigne would be way better in a 442 or 433, no got the legs for a 352. His change of speed/direction is filthy though
  2. Just completed the SBC for Insigne there, I'll let you know how it is later on.
  3. Tempted to replace Rulebreaker Gosens with that Insigne card, but Goosens defensively qualities are so good, makes playing a 352 much easier.
  4. I'd imagine so, it's an improvement on his base card which was already really good, plus think he ends up with 99 pace, so you can stick on a deadeye chemistry style to improve his passing and shooting.
  5. if you have a Serie A team this SBC card is a must.
  6. Aye coming up against Kyle Walker at CB used to piss me off too, if ye can't beat them join them
  7. I try and use the right stick, but it feels fucking useless sometimes.
  8. Anybody any tips on switching players, because it is the 1 thing that is massively holding me back, anytime I'm coming up against teams with a bunch of players with high dribbling stats I can't switch between my players fast enough to defend against them and sometimes they end up just dribbling right through my defence
  9. My finishing this year is fucking atrocious, constantly pulling shots wide.
  10. Fuck's wrong with that?
  11. My pack luck has been really decent this year tbh, probably the easiest time I've had assembling a 86+ squad.
  12. Managed to pack that new Trent Alexander-Arnold card earier with the division rivals rewards, already had his base card at RCB so slotted right into the team, he's fucking dynamite, feels like he just glides past players.
  13. Typical with Fifa, I always love it the first few months, then they roll out the updates and the gameplay completely changes.
  14. Haaland is actually really decent when you accept the fact that you can't run in behind the defence with him.
  15. Had a bunch of what looked like Brondby casuals in my work, I was the exact same, thought the Danish were all just nice law abiding cunts 😅 idk why. My mate told me they can be a bit mad.
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