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  1. is that what's keeping you warm at night? brilliant.
  2. what a season this is a turning out to be.
  3. lidorfc

    FIFA 21

    I've been tempted to get Ciro but the pace and dribbling of Muriel, Gomez and Dybala is too good, can't bring myself to replace one of them! I've not got the players to do the SBC for Milinkovic, used all my cards to get Robben and Klaiber, what a fucking duo down the right hand side but Reckon klaiber is the best RB in the game.
  4. Hope every Rangers fan is the most insufferable bastard ever when this season is done and dusted, cannot fucking wait for the party when we're champions!
  5. lidorfc

    FIFA 21

    Alejandro Gomez is so good, his agility and balance just leaves defenders on their arse.
  6. lidorfc

    FIFA 21

    88 Robben on this from the SBC is fucking superb man, some long-range shooting.
  7. lidorfc

    FIFA 21

    You just need to time it 😂 I've been done with cunts doing it a few times.
  8. "We're invincibles" Keep living in the past ma man!
  9. They are just the most pathetic fanbase on the planet
  10. They deleted their channel Absolute mongos.
  11. Going on about the fabled establishment, that's when you know the good times are back!
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez-b_PbRjCk A pair of hilariously bitter bastards
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