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  1. lidorfc

    FIFA 21

    Against my better judgement I'm gonna pick this up today, how are Rangers in it?
  2. I dont think it's the game of the year addition, I might just pick that up, shouldn't be that much anyway, hopefully my save carries over.
  3. Not sure if I'll need to buy the game to play the DLC? I've been playing it off of the subscription service.
  4. Gave Fallout 4 a try for the 3rd or 4th time, every other time I've not been able to get into it, stuck with it a little longer this time and now I can't put it down! Racked up about 100 hours of gameplay and I've barely even touched the story. Settlement building is a pain in the arse buy.
  5. "Boy you got me confused with a man who repeats himself" Omar is such a good character man!
  6. Still like to see the national team do well, never happens but 😂 tbh I never watch Scotland games, it doesn't seem to matter who the manager is, the football is fucking abysmal regardless.
  7. Been firing through The Wire over the past week, forgot how good it is, Marlo is a bad bastard man.
  8. Knew that was gonna happen man, brutal.
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