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  1. A mind folk were chomping at the bit in the summer to take the 6-8 million when he was rumoured to leave
  2. Just can’t get a win the now in division 4 man won 3 of my placement matches & lost one Drew the other but defending is solid & the keepers seem non existent most folk just seem to play on the wing run inside for a simple pass into the box for a tap in hoaching imo
  3. Yes mate you need a TV which has the new HDMI2.1b ports for it to support 120fps at 4K pretty shite as mostly only top end TVs around the 1,200 bracket upwards support it & it’s still relatively new at the moment I just recently bought a new TV not knowing this and now I’ll have to invest in another at some point
  4. No goni lie if we can somehow get a fit Wilshere he’ll easily be the best CM in the squad Id take him on a short deal without a doubt
  5. Haven’t had a chance to keep updated today had a wee baby yesterday and got her home today any updates on who’s close to coming in or any strong rumours ? Was hoping for Bešić
  6. Had issues with both my knees for just over a year now sometimes gets me right down as it prevents me from enjoying exercising or playing football waking up some mornings with pain along the sides & under the knee cap & sometimes they are brand new But it always seems to flair up when I’m running or doing fitness it’s weird Mrs is always nagging me to go see about it but I just suffer on but starting to get fed up with it
  7. Am wanting Arsenal & any cunt else for the other seeds
  8. Doom Eternal coming to game pass in October & FM2021 coming to Xbox delighted at this man feel ive made the right choice on going for the Series X
  9. Complete shambles today for it in the end managed to get one from Microsoft but I wanted the All Access Deal but what a clusterfuck from Smyths basically now got a Direct Debit agreement with Klarna but checkout process on smyths failed as they ran out of stock madness
  10. Most stupid post I’ve seen the club depends on European money hugely especially at the minute it would be ludicrous
  11. Same shite different season as well man so frustrating
  12. Should have been the first area addressed in the summer yet we buy 2 strikers to which 1 has barely had a chance to kick a ball
  13. No spark no creativity from midfield no width down the right side far to pedestrian worst thing is nothing on the bench that fills me with confidence apart from Itten but there’s no service up top so what’s the point
  14. I tend to agree with that I’ve not decided what one I’m going for it’s hard tbh as most of my pals are all PS5 but I’ve always been a big fan of Gears which is why I’ve always went Xbox I’ve had PlayStations in the past as well but always end up getting rid of it really would only be buying the PS to play Fifa with them so I’m really unsure what to go for but Xbox seems like great value for money with game pass etc all included
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