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  1. 4 minutes ago, Colin Traive said:

    Someone should tell our players to stop saying things like “make sure we win all three” until we’ve won at least one. Presumptive shit like this is just feeding the bheasts and their pals in the Rangers-hating media.

    I agree with all of this. :tu:Do our talking on the field of play. That's the only place it counts!

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  2. I said in the match thread I couldn't understand the negativity of some posters towards individual players... but more annoyingly Stevie Gerrards tactics and formation.


    We sit top of a tough EL group. Undefeated in Europe after 10 games.We are in the semi final of the League Cup and only 2 points behind celtc in the league.I feel our players deserve more backing and praise from our support..... not criticism.


    More importantly, our leader Stevie Gerrard deserves our thanks for restoring our pride in Europe in particular. He is doing a sensational job.

  3. So pleased for the players but especially pleased for Stevie Gerrard. He's still cutting his teeth in Europe and yet we have now played 10 games without defeat this season.

    That is a wee bit special imho.

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