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  1. Man of the match tonight......an exciting player that has bags of skill and potential. Think we are onto a winner with this lad. He will only improve at Rangers under Stevie Gerrard.
  2. So pleased for the wee man getting his long awaited OF goal today with a brave header at the back post. That's him scored 55 league goals for The Champions.
  3. Really hope we take 5 off the tramps but would settle for 1-0 to keep our winning run against them going. I'm predicting Rangers 4 celtc 0 Mon The Rangers!
  4. Good news. Happy with that. Think he deserves it after the fantastic season he's had helping us to reach 55.
  5. Fancy us to go through after a high scoring , exciting game. Rangers 3 Prague 2 I trust Stevie to get the team and the tactics spot on as he normally does in Europe.
  6. Great achievement for Stevie and his back room staff and I hope they are here for years to come.
  7. Anyone that doesn't think Greegs is a truly world class goal keeper knows hee haw about the game of football. He could play at the highest level with just about any club in the world imo.
  8. Brilliant mate.... thanks for sharing. So proud to have Steven Gerrard as our manager. Hope he stays for years and wins many more trophies with our great club.
  9. Orange County from the USA mate.
  10. I've blubbered like a baby mate. No shame in it. We have been through so much these last 10 years but this is our day.Enjoy yourself along with your loved ones mate. I certainly intend to celebrate in style.Let's go! BTW Love the new name of the forum.Different class imo.
  11. Fucking magic! Hope he stays for years.....
  12. That was quick! lol . Thanks mate. Love that wee man!
  13. Agree OP he really looks quite choked up in this interview which is understandable after all he's been through these last few seasons.It's been a real rollercoaster for the fans as well as the gaffer himself. Thanks for sharing mate. BTW has anyone got Alfredo's interview they could post? I missed it earlier on today.
  14. Great gesture. That's what makes our club so special............ it's having fans like you mate.
  15. Wow.. you must've been one of the first posters mate. Well done you........ enjoy tonight. You deserve it.
  16. Great goal today and has more than played his part in bringing home 55.We will treble our money on him in a couple of seasons as he will only get better. Could he go on to play for England? I genuinely think in time he could if wants it bad enough.He could easily play for a top 6 EPL side as he becomes more consistent.
  17. Joined on the 10th of September 2015 and this is by far the best day I've had the pleasure to share with my fellow Bears in all that time. Going to enjoy myself tonight , that's for sure -thanks to Stevie and the lads and all the backroom team too.WATP!
  18. Fantastic scenes. Just imagine what its going to be like when we actually win the league! Such an exciting time to be a Bear for millions of fans around the world thanks to Stevie and the boys.
  19. Superb article. Steven is now being recognised globally as one of the finest up and coming young managers in world football. We are lucky to have him.
  20. Fancy us strongly to win by 2 clear goals......... Livi 1 Rangers 3
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