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  1. Who said i "backed" him, If i was King i would have sacked him long before now, but if we do sack him, theres no one really we can bring in that will do a better job
  2. instead of saying "Fucksake" how about you give me an example, dick I call it shite, but as i said before, how about you give me a EXAMPLE
  3. We sack Warburton and then what? theres no one good we can bring in
  4. Hes actually so shite, how is he going to start kiernan AGAIN, Wilson is 50x the player. Hodson is better than Tavernier and Warburton knows that, but hes a stuck up prick who thinks hes right even when proven wrong, useless mong
  5. If that cunt and the rest of the pretenders arent gone soon im going to lose it
  6. To be honest barring the first half Halliday wasnt bad yesterday
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