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  1. Dont get jealous ya daft bitch
  2. Interestingly i was going through the old celtic thread and found this post by @Junior Soprano man was spot on 👏👏
  3. Dont kink shame mate we watched 11 men pump 11 men quite a lot when we watch the famous
  4. Lennons played a blinder here
  5. The telling thing is the taigs twitter hasnt had any coverage of the press conference posted on it, I reckon he really has just gone of the rails. Listening to criticism for the past week or so and its all built up. So they could hang him out to dry especially since it flys in the face of lawells apology a few days ago
  6. Did he just say piss up on national radio? 🤣🤣
  7. Surely this is the Kevin that just phoned in
  8. We always knew the timplosion of being serious contenders were going to be epic but holy fuck I didnt expect anything like this
  9. Truely a lawyer in the making, "Apart from stabbing her, i didnt nothing wrong except morally"
  10. Surely fake, if not that fucking hell
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