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  1. Dunno how i keep forgetting about Davis midfield of Davis Hagi and Kamara
  2. I reckon a front 3 of Kent, Morelos and Wright will terrorise them Hagi behind them with Kamara and Aribo (arfield isnt upto scratch for me)
  3. Thats enough bevvy for you for a lifetime mate
  4. Nah mate, home league games are usually only for old firms am sure
  5. Utterly love Buffalo โค๏ธ
  6. Fuck knows where they get these "general consensus" from ๐Ÿ˜‚ guys probably a decent manager but you look at what hes coming into, A large number of first team players going away with others being uninterested. A new huge weight of pressure and expectations from a massive fan base A reduced budget from what he'll be use to down south And his rivals just got off their biggest win in over a decade and are on a high, players are secured, settled and hungry for more success. The odds are stacked against them, its time for celtic to chase us. And we need to keep it
  7. Come on against accies, booted dougie imries arse, had to get stiches and also got a hatrick. All within 45 minutes Also fought little mix, loved garner
  8. Keep watching Morelos goal vs them, not the prettiest goal but god i celebrated it more than any other goal this season I think
  9. 15th of May in the Calanders boys! Bring Union Flags, Fireworks, Flares, confetti cannons! Bring everything!! We see our glorious team lift 55 on the 15th of may and it will be beautiful ๐Ÿ˜
  10. Would love to sign morelos to a contract extension, the guy has champions league football to look forward to with us, up his game with us and get a few goals/assists in it and his value will raise even more. Also gives other top top clubs more view of him so can only raise his value. And a new contract makes sure he doesnt leave for buttons. I dont think it's unreasonable we should be looking at the very minimum 20 million for Morelos especially if celtic sold tierney for 25 million.
  11. Seen one of their players got a red card for a high boot on a opposition keeper
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