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  1. Who's the fat controller and the new baby,you're not making much sense Bear ??
  2. What is it that you have against FF ? Posting wee GIFS does you know justice whatsoever.
  3. You dont give a shit but yet you took the time to post your hurt on this thread ?
  4. What a load of pish, we lost out to a poor club from a poor nation, this was a club who had never won a European tie until they met the famous - Coincidence ?
  5. Maybe NOW he'll realise what it means playing for us ( in the truer sense ).
  6. No excuses, we lost to a fourth rated club from a fourth rated nation and it was Pedros team not Warburtons but Pedros,the guy is an absolute imposter who concerns himself on winning over the Rangers support with his 'banning of green boots and his so called 'signage. The fellows a dud who tries to live of us,the opposition manager ( sorry dont know his name ) took all of ninety minutes to suss Caixinha out. Tactically inept and talks bull.
  7. That singing has got to be the worst ever heard on an OO parade
  8. So now we have a...i don't really like the wee man thread on here. Wish the wee man was playing last Saturday,he would have gave his all.
  9. C'mon admit it that last comment from me hurt you,Craig Houston goes through 100 times plus,get of the lads back ffsl
  10. Dont know what you'e slavering about Eddie ( thats Eddie the Eagle )
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