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  1. No chance this would have happened if he wasn’t injured ffs alfredo is going to get hit with a ridiculous ban
  2. Was always going to happen with these manky peado cunts
  3. Murty will have no input in the players imo, so it will be down to this Allen fud who imo will pick up a few youngsters on loan from the EPL and not really add anything substantial to the squad. Come the summer we will need almost an entire new squad which is outrageous at this stage but necessary
  4. Just a taig infested cesspit this country now did the same cunt no snap dumbelly a while a go and there was a national outcry? Injury a Rangers player and it’s ok
  5. I agree with all of that unfortunately it’s going to turn personal and nasty soon for him. This board really don’t give a fuck about anyone at the club or the fans.
  6. Saturday 30th December 12.00pm Tattiedome I can see the enthusiasm for this game is high. Not very hopefully of anything in this game. If the players can be professional and keep some discipline then could have a small chance of getting something out the game however if we play the way we have been it could be a complete embarrassment yet again. Murty needs to get this right or it will be a massacre.
  7. Well said the guy seems a nice guy, but it will turn nasty and personal soon enough I fear, most people can see that he should’nt be there, but after Saturday then a few games in after the break folk won’t care and will have no sympathy for him, he will get it tight from all quarters.
  8. He’s useless ffs should never have been considered for the job and he should never have accepted it. no way he can stay until may. He has to be replaced very soon
  9. With 4 defeats already then yes he has failed as a Rangers manager. But he shouldn’t be the Rangers manager and shouldn’t has been given the chance to be.
  10. In our minds we are the best club about. in reality, we are a “normal” Scottish team with no real chance of winning the league and will be fighting it out with 3 or 4 teams for European spot. We are also on a down turn so things could get worse.
  11. Agreed we are a medicore run of the mill Scottish club who will maybe fluke a cup every now and again but that’s it. People just need to face up to that fact, As painful as it is.
  12. Not an ounce of truth in it imo. Unless a proper fan has won the euro millions then no business man in there right mind would touch us. We have became toxic under this board and on the downward spiral towards more debt. Its just common sense that no one would put any sort of significant cash into this club at the moment, especially not the amount that you can dictate who the manager will be. Just need to accept who we are now
  13. You would think he was trying to make a story up to fill newspaper Pages. Come on, we have no money coming in to the club, just face it. We cant even afford a manger after 2 months without one. I predict we will sign 2 or 3 youngsters on Loan from EPL clubs in January and stumble through until may where we will be 4th or 5th in table after a series of humiliating defeats
  14. I think you are clutching at straws big time mate. No way anyone will touch us with a barge pole at the moment. Not a chance I’m afraid between now and may the board will decimate this club and we will be in real trouble and a repeat of 2012 may well be on the cards I’m afraid
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