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  1. So sad and so young. Great guy by all accounts and will be sadly missed but fondly remembered.
  2. Fingers crossed he has learned it because I can't see the system being changed any time soon.
  3. Wait, what? You don't think boards of football clubs think of appointing new managers to fix problems?
  4. I think there is, it's being set up nicely for him. Get this balloon in who wants to go kamikaze style at teams that will expose their woeful defence, get pumped fuck out of and bring in jakey Clarke to make them harder to beat.
  5. He's ok but nowhere near the quality of Morelos. Think he maybe tried too hard in his first season rather than just concentrate on his natural game. Big season for him but i'm sure he'll chip in with his fair share of goals.
  6. Just cancelled my TV licence at last because of this. Starve them out.
  7. Great result and performance. We looked really sharp.
  8. Wee guys to arrive early to get seats near the front so they can see.
  9. He doesn't care what the tarriers do in the slightest but is never done talking about them in here
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