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  1. Always just considered you a cunt, never realised you were so weird.
  2. And kidding on yer an Airdrie fan for shits n giggles.
  3. He has a good Euros and we will fetch easy 30 million imo.
  4. Seriously though, we are some side just now and played some terrific stuff tonight. There will be teams in that draw not wanting us, thats for sure.
  5. File him under *everything Fucking sick of it
  6. Not good enough. Should have beat St Mirren. Gerrard oot, King oot, baws oot, tits oot everything oot
  7. plumbGER

    For 55

    Well done mate, that's class.
  8. Somebody said that Wright reminded him of Naismith, pretty good description and offers a different dimension to our attack. Potential to be a very shrewd signing.
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