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  1. Since when did we win trophies mate? That was the old Rangers
  2. Rumoured to want a move back to Dundee to be nearer his family in Finland.
  3. I'll pm him and sort his stream.
  4. Not only that mate but they are screaming about the players being an "embarrassment" and a "disgrace" with absolutely no self awareness at all
  5. Class mate, it's been a long time we have been suffering and we have stuck by our team steadfastly and deserve all the good times we can possibly get. Not getting ahead of ourselves though, but enjoying each bit of glory as it happens.
  6. Cracking day down my Grans for her birthday, 84 years old today and was calling them fenian bastards and saying they will always be scum Watches every Rangers game and is determined to be here for 55.
  7. Worse than anything I have seen the beggars produce this season, rotten.
  8. About 40 pages of laughing at the kafflicks to catch up on, fucking glorious
  9. I'm naw gonni fix your soil pipe mate.
  10. He is missing because Lord Lenny prefers wee Frimpers flying down the wing. Wee Lenny is a mongo.
  11. Should never laugh at peoples necks mate, they come in all shapes and forms. Some people don't even have one.
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