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  1. There's plenty people like that in the world.
  2. Stopped selling dugs so needs to plug the gap in earnings.
  3. Did you seriously take offence to being called Sugar Tits?

    1. plumbGER


      Don't be daft mate:lol:

    2. They Gnu

      They Gnu

      Didn’t think so but you are from Greenock

    3. plumbGER


      And i do have sugar tits tbf

  4. I take it that's a NAW then

    didny think you were just another "fan" sitting at home spouting pish on the Internet 

    and "away and play tig with the buses" n you say ma patters pish

    get a life

  5. And what you on about amongst other things , I swore because you obv think I'm daft by saying what school did I go to or going to school in CB makes me Catholic or as you said it's kafflck enough .i havnt a clue about these things how rtv works or computers for that matter the basics that's enough , so I was only asking a question but sometimes you can't ask a question on here without getting asked what school you go to ..if you were serious then fine but I'm as Protestant as they come I'm deputy master of my orange lodge 31 in CB I'm in the blacks and I'm in CB campsie apprentice boys..if you were not then fine fair enough ?

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    2. plumbGER


      Firstly download kodi onto whatever device you are using,you can use it on windows(laptop) or android phones etc,type kodi in google and select your platform.

      Then click this link and follow instructions https://seo-michael.co.uk/how-to-manually-install-sportsdevil-on-xbmc/

    3. Gartsherriederry


      Sorted mate thanks again 

    4. plumbGER
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