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sweep f'in sweep...trust me


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living in Canada and only having access to the hi lites thus far, it appears as if the real "unfootball" side last night was Celtic. cite ex. #1. Robson should clearly have been sent off for that violent elbow. #2, that fuckin cunt Mc Gayday needs to learn to shut his mouth before someone seriously does him in. What he deserves is a slide tackle to cripple his legs. #3. the unwashed faithful(greatest fans in the world, remember when 1.2 million went to Spain to cheer on the lads) need to be sanctioned by the SFA and #4, the melee at the end was clearly instigated by them. They should have known better that in an already volatile atmosphere, to incite this shit should be punished by long term bans. The SFA should send a message that severe punishment is needed in order to stamp out potential riots...

yet what do I hear about all these things in the Daily Rhecord this morning?.... not alot....


Thoughts bears? :rangers:

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