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  1. Why do we allow guests on our forums?

    Guests also aren't always from the great unwashed side of Glasgow. Most of the time I read the forums from my work computer and don't log in, so I'd appear as a guest at any given time unless I log in to post or answer a survey.
  2. Leggat Blog

    Imagine Souness, Smith and Mcoist at the club at the same time? I am so mixed up with with which bid is which and all the rumours flying, but good god, what an effect, especially on the younger players, having that team at the helm could be.
  3. Celebrity Rangers Fan

    The comedian Drew Carey (Obviously bigger on this side of the pond than in Scotland) I met him in a bar in Las Vegas when I was wearing a Rangers strip and we stopped and talked for a wee bit. Knew a fair bit about the team as well, really nice guy.
  4. My Turkish pal still calls him Ulubatlı Souness after planting the Galatasaray flag in the Fenerbach centre circle after winning the turkish cup, still a legendary moment in Turkish football. A real character and a fierce competitor. Head and shoulders above the wee ned in the tracksuit both as a player and a manager.