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  1. No doubt now they've heard Balogun is out his ban will go through today.
  2. Amazing how many shit house websites there are reporting on football now days and even more amazing how many fans gobble it up.
  3. 21 - came home from Uni to watch it with my Dad. I can remember a few things from the day so vividly, I remember us both sliding on our knees in the front room when the third went in and the dog going absolutely mental wondering what the hell was going on. I also flung some union jacks out the back windows at the end of the game. Can also remember the guy who dressed up as Walter Smith, face mask and all, that still cracks me up to this day. Because of Covid and distance, there is chance I might not be able to be with my Dad to watch whichever game is 55 and I'm gutted about it. Whenever
  4. Precedent, except when it was Griffiths partying in his gaff, sheep players out on the piss and boli’s jolly holiday. But yeah. Precedent.
  5. Apparently the team. Would've gone with Arfield in the middle tbh but decent line up.
  6. I saw nothing from them in the last game which concerned me, main concerns are around our own defending. Fix that and we'll go through no problem. I reckon tonight will be a boring 1-0 affair, Aribo the goal scorer.
  7. I really do like Jack but he's now injured too much for me, I think including him we're looking at a bit of a change in the middle next season. Kamara has apparently made signals about wanting to move on and Davis can't play on forever.
  8. You’d hope pal, but not sure on this one. Sturgeon will probably weigh in with some pish tomorrow.
  9. Fairly sure I’ve not said that. I’m not going down this rabbit hole any further though. I think having even a small number fans in would be great, you don’t. That’s about it.
  10. Sorry. I was talking about the people you were referring to, not you in particular.
  11. Longest held RTV subscriptions have to be top of the list.
  12. Well then that’s a personal choice if you’d rather not be there you offer up your ticket. 10k fans being their to celebrate our first title win in 10 years is better than 0 fans, because some will lose out doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it - that’s daft. Anyway all ifs and buts anyway.
  13. Surely people can see the bigger picture?
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