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  1. Watching back, thought we played worse than we did against Hibs but won 4-0. What a difference being clinical with our chances makes.
  2. Missed the Fiorentina penalty that video didn't it? Scored some huge goals, who knew just how huge that goal at Hibs would be when it went in.
  3. Half turn and forward pass, a move pretty much none of our CMs have and Johnson does. Hope we get this one done.
  4. I don't agree. I'm so excited to see who's right! Are you?!
  5. I think 18m and a sell on will be our tipping point tbh. Reinvest 10m in another striker and another midfielder, as well as signing Johnson which seemed to be happening regardless.
  6. Totally agree but there is a big difference in what you’ve posted and some fans on here/twitter who have completely written him off after he’s started two games. I’m always happy to debate reasonably but that tweet is targeted at those extreme emotional opinions, which I don’t think anyone can deny exists in elements of our support.
  7. How is Cedric Itten not scoring in the indefensible?
  8. The club are up against?
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