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  1. First half I agree but we were a different animal second half. To say it’s ‘worrying’ is a little bit of a knee jerk. Don’t get me wrong we should continue to demand high standards across the pitch but let’s also keep some perspective. 17 games played 15 won 14 clean sheets
  2. Do you know the audience figures for our PPV outside of season ticket holders?
  3. Is anyone even still bothered about last season's cups? They mean the square root of fuck all to me now and if anything are a major fixture headache for the mutants. Gives us the chance to go 9 points clear on Sunday and 55 is all I care about this season.
  4. Sure this story has done the rounds before but a cracking clip of Walter telling the story. Gazza still my favourite ever Rangers player.
  5. They've had an easy start and easy Jan for the last two seasons, this will be the third.
  6. Really enjoying this but some people getting ahead of themselves, we're actually still only one point better off than we were last year. Lot's of obstacles still to overcome. Admittedly I'm trying hard to take it one week at a time but we need to normalise this routine of winning for a good few months yet.
  7. I'd argue, that over the course of the full season, Hagi has been as good if not better than Kent. Kent had an explosive start and has gone off the boil, Hagi has been creating all season.
  8. Usually so hyped for European ties but really just want this one out the way and it to be Sunday morning already. Chomping at the bit to watch us in the league at the moment. As @British_Empire says tempted too hold Barisic back (especially considering fitness) Helander rest. I'd give Arfield 30 mins to make sure he stays match sharp for Sunday. Would rest Kent, think he needs it anyway, but have him ready to fire on all cylinders on Sunday.
  9. The big difference for me, we're no longer reliant on one player's goals. There are goals throughout the team. We're in this position without Morelos firing on all cylinders, he effectively carried us at this point last season.
  10. Feels like we’ve gone from big test to big test, but away to Kilmarnock really is one of the biggest monkeys we need to get off our back.
  11. I think that’s up there as well. Played some great passes today and his decision making is on point. Definitely room for improvement I’m not denying that, but I think he’s really coming onto a game. Either way great position to be in when we’re demanding more from a player who has been one of our main contributors to our goals.
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