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  1. Tbf saying a players style reminds you of another’s players style is much different than saying he is as good as him.
  2. You've filled an information vacuum with a quite ridiculous claim tbh. Perhaps we know a date, but have chosen not to say it in case he is sold (which was looking likely at one point). He’s certainly not awol.
  3. Bold claim, I reckon that's a load of shit though.
  4. We just beat Real Madrid!! And it could’ve been by a lot more.
  5. Any news on the other kits?
  6. Sturgeon will ban travel to the north west most likely!
  7. The women's training top. You bought the women's training top. Edit. didn't realise until now there was a male version.
  8. Some people know how to dress and some people don't, if you don't like this kit then I'd hate to see your other clobber...
  9. I really like it, pin-stripes are smart.
  10. It's not sentiment though, my sentiment would be that we wait until all fans are back. I'm talking about being realistic, we need revenue streams to survive. It's shit, but the pandemic has been shit for everyone - we've all had to rise above our personal wants and make sacrifices for bigger causes. This is another one. Fans in as soon as possible, although as someone who agrees with the principle of MyGers I think it's shite that the club are prioritising those people in this circumstance.
  11. Ok - but a few thousand people through the Rangers shop on match day will.
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