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  1. I guess things like this maybe get the younger fans interested? Maybe? But aye, they're absolutely fucking barking 😂
  2. A fucking love Alfie yaaaaaaaas
  3. Aye we've been shite in the league, especially against them, best not watching.
  4. Aye its a sore one but come on to fuck 😂
  5. Fucking gutted seeing us going out like this. We can do so much better, haven't played well enough and started the wrong team, the Roofe sub was just bizarre and he's a fucking idiot as well. Just so disappointed with it.
  6. Aye indoors, outdoors is fine. PRW be one big beer garden.
  7. Just when you think it can't get anymore ridiculous.
  8. Mr Rangers for me and I'm sure many others, my hero. Speedy recovery, Sir Walter.
  9. The only person talking about potential for violence is humza. When is there ever massive crowds meeting in the middle of town for fights at the football? Wish he'd just fuck up and enjoy watching his team get battered all over the pitch.
  10. Shouted because I was gutted they'd scored and then immediately was shouting because I couldn't believe they hadn't. One of the best I remember seeing.
  11. I think this is about the only thing I haven't bought yet
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