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  1. It's the emotional damage it's caused mate, can't just wash that away.
  2. Sad state of affairs when this makes front page news, it really is pathetic. I await Rangers coming out all guns blazing to defend H&H and highlight the hypocrisy of those involved...
  3. They have absolutely zero passion for fixing any issues, they've been shown by ignoring that linked video and commenting on fake videos that this is the case.
  4. Why are people acting like the famine song is sung to be anything else than a go at plastic paddies who think they're Irish but have stayed in Glasgow all their lives? I've never heard it belted out as anything else.
  5. Thought the videos looked fake tbh, loads of clapping but couldn't see anyone clapping?
  6. Didn't look out of place at all and had a composed performance, can't ask for more, he'll be absolutely buzzing.
  7. Hopefully you're a bit happier when you wake up this time pal
  8. Get it up all you wee lassies shiting it before the game in the this thread CHAMPIONS AGAIN!
  9. Balogun doing his job well. We're just inviting them on a little bit too much for my liking, need to keep the ball better as when we get it it's a bit panic and waste
  10. So just dismiss him saying anything positive then aye?
  11. Gary Mac says we're strong and confident. That'll do me.
  12. Long as the prawn sannies are sorted in vip mate it's sound.
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