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  1. Fingers crossed, this badge looks so much better than the stars.
  2. Really happy for him, that's an excellent goal and a brilliant cross too.
  3. Xbox - Anjunabates Play Cod, Halo and Doom mostly the now
  4. New Warzone zombie mode is a decent change of pace, really enjoying it. Didn't play the cold war beta but don't think i've read anything good about it.
  5. I've downloaded this but was wanting to hold off until I get a series X to play it just to see how good it'll look. Both Dooms are brilliant.
  6. Just finished work and seeing the highlights, that goal fucking wow. Honestly incredible.
  7. Anyone got that dubbed over video of the Trump speech where he's holding the kid?
  8. Was in Turkey at the time for that, remember being so buzzing then seeing the team sheet and everyone at the Ibrox bar was the same, totally deflated and confused. Was stupid, naive and whatever else that day. No mental decisions this time, play the strongest team and we should be able to get the job done as we have before.
  9. I'm sure they'll realise you're correct and accept it with the grace and sportsmanship they're well known for in Scotland.
  10. Just had this cancelled as the Royal have been told to cancel all surgeries for the next 2 weeks, to do with tonight's announcement. Honestly so fed up with this, that's twice its been cancelled and over a year waiting.
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