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  1. shrek adam mculloch weir ? novo? hopefully wont go tho hemdani whittiker
  2. news intro just said 'boyd signs out of rangers to secure birningham deal'
  3. Another dumpling! Muff, please tell us how this is a good move? 3mil is good how? get a fucking grip 80% of the shite you say is pish anyway and its been proven time n time again What about the other 20%? The guy just doesn't understand the game. Exactly.... he would rather players running around with the ball on their head and doing backflips rather than score the goals that win us the games. Na, I'd just rather have proper footballers who contribute in every way possible, when the going gets tough and the matches become tight, actually offer something. So Boyds goals dont offer anything for us??? You're a fucking idiot mate.. seriously. We've scraped two pishy cups in Boyd 3/4 years at the club. Brilliant youd rather we hadnt won them ?
  4. Holy testicle Tuesday Oleg. Boyd certainly wont be the last. If we get £10m+ for Boyd, Ferguson and McGregor, I'd be quite happy, especially if we keep our better players, like Mendes, Bougherra, Davis, Thomson, Novo and Naismith. we'd get more than 10mil for boyd and mcgregor alone. if sold. however, its only a positive move if we see ALL this money - and use it to good effect.
  5. sky sports saying that rangers have accepted? fukin shite
  6. me alover mcdonalds face 'yo grab yerself a f*nain and you knock the fucker outt'
  7. 'the celtic family' your right there, there all inbread fukin family
  8. novo and aaron on. unleash the spanyards on these dirty wankers
  9. ya wee fukn austrailian skippy bead rattlin fenian fuk
  10. we need to take this chance! moan the boyd
  11. holy fuck absolutly shockin! unucky boyd big man!!! keep it goin
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