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  1. Greetings Fellow Bears, and welcome to our definitely absolutely FINAL Fundraiser of the season. And we've saved the best till last - A Double-Your-Money Guarantee!!! @Darth Bear works for DHL, who as you know, have always been the Fund's favourite logistics company. And DHL, good folk that they are, have an employee charity support scheme whereby they will match anything their employee raises for their chosen charity - up to a maximum of £600. Darth is a nutjob, and is therefore going to put himself through yet another Tough Mudder (10-12 mile assault course designed by British Special Forces), and he would like us to support him, supporting us, supporting Erskine. So we've set ourselves a target to try and raise that £600 with him for Erskine, from donations from our fellow Good Bears, as a kind of End Of Season Fundraiser. Whether we raise the full £600 or not, whatever we do raise, DHL will match, so we can't lose! So if you haven't already donated to any other End Of Season Fundraisers in the last few weeks, then why not kill three birds with one stone? How could we resist such a gilt-edged opportunity to raise a massive £1200 for Erskine, at a cost of only £600 to us, and all it takes is that end of season fundraiser donation that you were going to make anyway!!! So to help us double our support for Erskine, simply PM me or @Zetland for donation instructions. Or if you already know those donation instructions, just make your donation the usual way and PM me. And of course, although DHL will be chipping in half the money, the decision as to what to do with that money will be down to Erskine Recreation and RM Erskine Fund - so we can assume it will get very well used.
  2. Well done @Darth Bear - and Many Thanks to All the Good Bears who supported you. For anyone who's missed it, this is your last chance to make a difference this season. We're just a few quid short of our ambitious target of £600, to be matched by DHL, giving us £1200 for Erskine. So if you haven't donated to either this specific fundraiser, or to the End Of Season Fundraiser a few weeks ago, then what are you waiting for? Chuck in a couple of quid, and you'll keep me quiet till next season!
  3. Why rent, when you can buy? Original target: £420 Amount raised (so far...) £1362.64 So that will get us a nice little Labrador pup. Cost: £950 And no, we're not calling him William of Orange (Pigeon) - we're calling him Broxi. And little Broxi is gonna need insurance. That's gonna cost £500, plus an extra £100 for Vets fees not covered by the insurance. So yeah, we still need a little bit more in the way of donations - unless you want me to dip in to the Erskine Fund?
  4. current highest bids: Size XL - £25.00 - Gazza2258 Size S - £23.00 - Sweettartangirl RangersMedia Erskine Fund is delighted to bring to the market these two classic examples, circa mid-2018, of the finest Rangers Lotto T-Shirts that Turkish Lira can buy. One is size XL And one is size S As featured in the Daily Record... When they're gone, they're gone. What am I bid? And Many thanks to @1bluebaba for very generously donating them to the RM Erskine Fund.
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    The Old Lady - FF

    Donation to the Fund, or I'm passing your details to Erskine! In fact, I can think of someone else who may not be that amused.
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    The Old Lady - FF

    Not sick, just missing out on the good stuff.
  7. govanblue

    The Old Lady - FF

    That's no good. What we need is a definitive list of all the things we can't call it.
  8. Do you really think I'm counting your bids?
  9. Annoyingly, the Erskine and Combat Stress Season Tickets need to be renewed before the season starts, which means that we really need to have money in place before the season starts, and therefore before we've started the New Season Fundraiser. Otherwise, if we wait till the season starts, then our Veterans will miss the first few games while I desperately try to squeeze 3 grand out of you. So to get around that, what we're doing is asking anyone who has a bit of spare cash now to donate a couple of quid or whatever to the Fund now. If we get a good few donations, then that gives us the confidence to go and buy the Season Tickets now, confident that enough money will come in in the new season Fundraiser to cover the expense now. So if you'd like to donate to the Fund, and ensure that our Veterans are there to Greet Stevie G MBE on his debut, then please PM @Zetland for the donation details - But don't go mental! You'll still need to keep at least a tenner for the New Season Fundraiser which is not far away. And all your good deeds for this season will count for nothing when we start our new list. Alles klaar?
  10. We'll revive this thread once we're done with the other one.
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    Have you bought a brick at Ibrox?

    G51 2XD Just pop that in to your satnav. You sound like someone who needs a support network... I believe those fellas know a thing or two about bricks.
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    seating plan

    What he said. Now give us a donation...
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    Tonight's topic: How can we raise more money for the RangersMedia Erskine Fund? A 2 hour special.
  14. I knew it!! And then I have to auction them all over again? Have you no mercy???
  15. See my pm, and hopefully all will be revealed.
  16. I found this old thread, from back in the day. Upon reflection, I think it's probably the best thread on RangersMedia ever. Well apart from nadasquatting obviously
  17. Just you hang on a minute there sunshine - you wouldn't be planning on winning these and just donating them back to us again now would you? You got me with that the last time. I've got my eye on you now.
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    Have you bought a brick at Ibrox?

  19. govanblue

    Have you bought a brick at Ibrox?

    As I said, certain perks.
  20. govanblue

    Have you bought a brick at Ibrox?

    A few???????? Actually closer to A FEW HUNDRED. It is with no small amount of pride that I can confirm that the RangersMedia Erskine Fund is in fact the biggest single purchaser of Ibrox Bricks - ever! Which brings with it certain perks...