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  1. Welcome to the official RangersMedia Erskine Fund - New Season, New Membership - Pledge your Support Here Thread. [short version for existing members - membership renewal for the New Season is due now. PM me or @Zetland for payment details. If you want to join, but can't pay yet for whatever reason, then get yourself on the Pledged List for now - that's semi-respectable at least! The RM Erskine Fund is a voluntary fundraising group funded by RM Member donations (and other occasional fundraising activities). The money raised is spent as follows: Providing Rangers FC Products and Services to Residents of 4 Erskine Care Homes (eg: Season Tickets, Match Tickets, Hospitality Tickets, Stadium Tours, Argyle Restaurant Lunches, Rangers TV, Rangers Match Programmes) Providing non-Rangers-related Recreational Treats for the Residents of 4 Erskine Homes (eg: Boat Trips, Restaurant Lunches, Christmas Party Donations, Palace Visits, D-Day Whisky Miniatures) Supporting The Rangers Family - Rangers Development Fund, Rangers Charity Foundation, Rangers Ladies, Rangers Football In The Community. We also support Residents of Hollybush House Hospital (Combat Stress) by providing 4 Season Tickets for their exclusive use, Rangers TV and Rangers Match Programme Subscriptions The Fund has no running costs – (except the 6% PayPal fee charged by PayPal on all donations ). So every penny donated is properly spent and properly accounted for. With over £60,000 raised to date (and spent very wisely!), we are now enthusiastically embarking on our 6th Season of Supporting Erskine Veterans and Rangers FC. It promises to be our most successful season so far - and that’s why we’d really like you to join us - the more members we have, the more we can achieve, so please join us. It's easy, and very rewarding. Season membership of The Fund is a minimum donation of £10. But if you're feeling a bit flush, you can donate as much as you want!!! Last season's members - you know the score - please get yourself on the pledged list - and please encourage other RM Members to do the same - Some of them just need a wee pointer. New or potential members - PM @govanblue or @Zetland with any questions you may have. ---------------------------------------- How to donate: Donations via PayPal or by Bank Transfer. PM @govanblue or @Zetland for details. @Zetland will be looking after the Pledged List and updating the Members List - and if you think I'm a tenacious bastard, wait till you see her in action. Note: Please do not feel obliged to publicly say how much you're donating. But then on the other hand, if you're planning on making a particularly generous donation, then telling people how much you're donating, and why, might encourage other members to do something similar. Do what you want really, as you always do! Current Pledged Members List - see next post. If you're name's not on it, then add a post to this thread.
  2. Also, if you remember, shortly after we received that anonymous donation, we also got an offer to pay for the Rothesay trip from @WILLIAM BEAR As you can imagine, it was heartbreaking for me, having to refuse the donation. But luckily WILLIAM BEAR told me to just take the money, and put it towards our next thing. Well our next thing will soon be upon us. The £150 he donated just happens to be exactly what we need for an Argyle Restaurant Lunch and a pint for 10 people. And Erskine Bishopton have been nipping my ear for ages asking when they can have another Stadium Tour, cos they've got loads of Veterans wanting to go. So I'll get on to our good friends at Rangers Charity Foundation, and hopefully they'll be able to sort us out with 10 free Stadium Tours. They usually do.
  3. Finally, here are the photos from that day out. Photo-wise, it's pretty poor, cos the weather kept them stuck in the bus all day, but they tell me that all the stuff going on outside the bus was great to watch. And as for the remaining £70.20, that has now been converted into fish... Many thanks once again to the Anonymous Bear who donated all the money for that trip. He or She is a True Blue Hero.
  4. Where to watch game v them in Bali

    I guess since Bali is the best you can afford, you're all probably too skint to donate £10 to the RangersMedia Erskine Fund. Otherwise I'm sure if you had it you'd give it. I'd urge you to read this thread below and then donate, http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/306989-rangersmedia-erskine-fund- But I guess PayPal doesn't work in Bali, so what's the point?
  5. Yes I'm still here. Just been enjoying the International Break. I'll catch up with the updates some time soon, but for now, here are our Rising Stars for today: 31365 - 31384 Cost: £40
  6. Rangers win MOD award

    Special Forces Mate - we like to keep out of the limelight.
  7. The Skipper

    This should have been your first post... http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/306989-rangersmedia-erskine-fund- the-official-201718-members-thread/ Or are you still a cunt?
  8. Not sure how I feel about this

    I'm so glad you PMed me to tell me you've now donated, cos I didn't have a fucking clue what you were on about!
  9. Please don't post on this thread. We've had to remove our photos from photobucket, so we need somewhere to host them, and this thread is it. It's just a container thread, and we'll link to the photos in all our regular Fund threads. It will get really messy if people comment on this thread, or even worse - quote the photos!!! So please don't post on this thread - not even ironically. Especially not even ironically! Yes I know it's irresistible, and I know this is RM, but please... just just this once? ps - the first person to reply with "How?" owes The Fund a Tenner!
  10. (Please don't post on this thread, it's just an image-store. Thanks.)
  11. Erskine Bishopton Bears On The Road 2017/18
  12. (Please don't post on this thread, it's just an image-store. Thanks)
  13. Consider yourself rescued! @Zetland will add you to the Pledged List shortly. No urgency for the donation.
  14. New Members

    you're fast becoming my business.
  15. New Members

    Why did you sign up Frank? Genuine question. Please grace it with an honest answer.
  16. Rangers Lotto

    That's a good question Young Bob. Probably not, because The Fund isn't doing any of the work, but it''s worth asking them I suppose.
  17. Nothing Gents. This thread is aimed at non-Fund Members, not existing Fund Members.
  18. Not sure how I feel about this

    Good Man! @Zetland - will add you to our probation list.
  19. Not sure how I feel about this

    Yes mate, just a one off payment to give you membership for this whole season. Admittedly I do come begging again in November and April, but both of these are fully optional. We do have concessionary rates for Unemployed Members and others who may be short of cash, but still big of heart. PM me tomorrow, and we'll sort something out.
  20. Rangers Lotto

    oh and just for the record, if you're a member of the RangersMedia Erskine Fund, you already contribute 5p a week to Rangers Lotto via the Fund's £10 per week subscription (£520 prepaid for a year) But you don't get a your share of any winnings. I have better uses for them.
  21. Not sure how I feel about this

    Hi Gers Guy. These Gers Guys ... would love for you to join these other Gers Guys...
  22. Not sure how I feel about this

    With such a striking profile pic, and with such impressive bullet-pointing, how have you managed to evade my attention for so long? Oh well, you have my attention now. Please consider joining the RangersMedia Erskine Fund - over 200 of your fellow posters have already done just that. Right. On to that GersGuy next. A name like that, how could he possibly decline such an invitation? I love my job sometimes!