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  1. Please read this, then do what your head or heart tells you to. Some of you who follow the Fund threads (extremely) closely may recognise Jimmy as one of the Erskine Bungalow Residents. When he’s not out walking the dog, Jimmy loves nothing more than cheering on the Boys in Blue, and thanks to the RM Erskine Fund, he’s been able to get to quite a few games this season. I’d like to say that we’ve helped Jimmy in his recovery – but given our home performances this season, we may have done more harm than good! But anyway, over the last year, apart from continuing to develop his fledgling Gardening Business, he’s also been doing a lot of Volunteer work for Bravehound. In fact, he’s actually away on Bravehound Service today – helping with the handover of a new puppy to a Veteran. He invited me along to say hi, but as always, I’m working. Anyway, the point is that through getting the right support when he needed it, Jimmy’s now in a position where he’s now the one providing the support, and that’s the kind of results we like. So in order to help Jimmy continue with his efforts, we’ve sent him a couple of tickets for the Hearts game, courtesy of @King's Troop - but more importantly, I’ve also resolved to squeeze a little bit more money for Bravehound out of the Good Folk on RangersMedia. After all - you've got some spare money, and they need it, so to me it's pretty simple. We’re well on our way to our target, but we’ve still got a bit to go (about £250 short I reckon), so we really could do with a few Donations for the Dugs. So if anyone here (who has not already donated!!!) would like to contribute a few pounds to this noble cause, then simply say something here, or send a PM to me or @Zetland Oh and please be quick about it, before Bears r us finds this thread and unleashes the hounds! The following Good Bears have already given their support… Bears r us billscott Bobby Hume broxieman Courtyard Bear Darius72 govanblue JCDBigBear K.A.I LOL153 No Surrender!!! Malvern MrMckee One Jock Wallace OnslowDriver Rangers#1 RFC Eagle saltire266 siddiqi_drinker thebooler Travelrug wotmeworry Young Bob Zetland
  2. Welcome to The Official RM Erskine Fund NOVEMBER FUNDRAISER - DONATE NOW!!! Thread Most of you already know what the Fund is all about, and that's why you so gladly contribute to it year after year. And so you already know that a donation to the RM Erskine Fund is one of the most satisfying and effective ways to spend a Blue Pound. Here's what your Blue Pound does: 1. Supports Rangers-Supporting Erskine Veterans by providing Season Tickets, Cup tickets, Stadium Tours, Argyle Lunches and any other Rangers Products and Services that fit the bill 2. Supports Rangers-supporting Combat Stress Veterans by providing Season Tickets and Cup Tickets for Veterans 3. Supports Rangers FC directly, via the purchase of aforementioned products and services for Erskine and Combat Stress 4. Supports Rangers Youth Development through the purchase and promotion of Rangers Lotto, Half-time Rising Stars, Rangers Stadium Bricks etc 5. Supports Rangers Charity Foundation through the support and promotion of their various fundraising events. 6. Supports Erskine's recreational needs and wishes via our Recreation Fund, allowing the purchase of such things as: whisky galore, boat trips, steam-train journeys, theatre trips, fish and chips, and much much more. 7. Support for other Rangers-Family related appeals, including: Nith Valley RSC Appeal, Big Ibrox Sleep Out, Jak Trueman Appeal, Fernando Ricksen appeal, Joshua Adair appeal tbh there's loads more, but I'm not trawling through 4 years of accounts to give you the full picture. You can do that yourself! I'm sure you'll agree that's pretty good use. Even more so when you remember that we have no admin costs, so every penny of your donation gets spent on the stuff we say we're spending it on. So anyway, on to November. After Remembrance day, the national spotlight tends to move elsewhere, and our Veterans are largely forgotten. Not here though. November is the time when we collect the donations that are going to pay to make Erskine's Christmas as Excellent as it always is when we're around. This season, we need to raise enough money to do the following: £1200 to be split between our 3 Homes. A traditional surprise last-minute addition to the Christmas Party budget for our 3 Erskine Homes. We make it last minute so that they've already got everything ready for their Christmas parties, ensuring that our donation is spent strictly on bonus additional luxury items for their Christmas festivities. £100 - Assorted boiled sweets and toffees. You can never have enough. I hear they often use our goodies as bonus bingo prizes, which has really livened up bingo nights. £100 - Rangers Merchandise. There have been one or two new additions to the Erskine Bears RSC this season, so we need to make sure they get some Official Rangers Clothing from Santa this year, so they can fit in with the Old Guard. Not on the same scale as last season thankfully! £100 - Clothing retailers. There are one or two Veterans in Erskine who don't really have any relatives left, so they naturally don't get as many presents as those with lots of relatives visiting. So we'll find out what size they are, buy a couple of jumpers and stuff, and stick them under the tree so they don't feel left out on Christmas Morning. £100 - Selection boxes and stuff - well it is Christmas after all! £0 - Whisky - I've got a few bottles already donated by members this season, and I'm sure if I put the word out, we'll get a few more bottles donated, so I don't think we'll need to spend any money directly on alcohol. Let's use that money instead for panto tickets. £200 - Panto tickets £140 - Argyle Restaurant Lunch for 10 people - already paid for thanks to @WILLIAM BEAR £150 - Road bike for Hollybush House (Combat Stress) - We bought them two earlier in the year. Three is obviously better than two. So there you go. I reckon about 2 Grand should cover that. I've already made my donation. What are you waiting for? Existing RM Erskine Fund Members - Your donation is optional. You have already done your bit this season by Donating £10 or more to join the Fund. But if you can spare an additional donation now, then that's grand! If you've never donated to the RM Erskine Fund before, then what are you waiting for. As all these other Good Bears listed below will agree, it really is the done thing around these parts. To donate: It's the usual paypal address, or the usual bank account. If you need the details again, then PM @govanblue or @Zetland And the usual "tick friends & family" on paypal And the usual "add your username in the description" whichever way you donate. And the usual "send a PM to @govanblue once you've donated. Now go check below to see if you are in the November Fundraiser Hall of Fame yet...
  3. Ibrox Maintenance

    I think they're talking about the Argyle House parking? Might be wrong though.
  4. We're dangerously close to drifting in to the Pre-End of Season Fundraiser. It would be nice to get a break first though!
  5. Just in case anyone is worried - no of course I don't keep any Fund Data on the website. Do you think I'm an idiot??? Any personal data you may have given to me in the past is as secure as it always is. We could still do with a few new donations though.
  6. Since our November Fundraiser thread is getting a bit tired, I figured this was worthy of its own thread... I got an email and some pics from Erskine recently (actually ages ago, but I'm only now getting round to it)... So that's Christmas over and done with for another year. Veteran Bear Ian is now waiting patiently in the Transport Office, because he's heard that apparently there's another Stadium Tour and Argyle Lunch coming up soon. And finally, we've got a Home Cup tie to look forward to... Just one small point I'd like to raise though... You'll notice that Erskine are always thankful to everyone at RM. Well technically they shouldn't be. They should be thankful to the 200 or so members of the RangersMedia Erskine Fund - the members who put their hands in their pockets (or their PayPal for The People!). The rest of you RM members, who haven't donated to the RM Erskine Fund. Thanks for nothing. If you want to enjoy all those Erskine Thanks without all that shame and guilt, then simply pop in a small donation, the way all these other Good Bears did...
  7. We're still a little short.
  8. and don't forget to thank @Zetland for her most recent additional "November" donation. I hope she's not trying to start a trend!
  9. Club email contact?

    There are no players around during the stadium tours.
  10. @gogzy - Please ban this cunt immediately. Anyone who chooses a username like that has no place here.
  11. Pena

    you're a fucking scumbag. that is all.
  12. Sorry I missed you. I was up in the Lotto Office. Those Rising Stars won't sort themselves you know. Cheers for the donation.
  13. We'll need to stop start meeting like this!
  14. Many thanks once again to Loyal Fund Members @King's Troop and @WILLIAM BEAR who have again donated their unused seats for last week's game. I sold the seats on, and that's £60 for the coffers. They've also donated their seats for the Hibs game. 2 tickets are now en-route to Jimmy, the Erskine Bungalow Bear. If anyone else has an unused seat for the Hibs game, let me know. I can make good use of it.
  15. hmmm. I wonder what the ticket forum will have to say about that.
  16. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    No thanks. Please don't.
  17. So are you gonna PM me, or do I need to do ALL the work myself???
  18. Bar 72 wall display

    Make sure you claim your reward before you post anything on here.
  19. Bar 72 wall display

    You're not the only one asking... https://www.barcabears.com/1102-2/
  20. Update from Erskine Bishopton... They've sent me some pics of their Christmas Purchases. 4 times. But I've not received any of them. I reckon the email's too big. Fingers crossed, we'll get that soon. But in the meantime, Erskine Park have been shopping. As well as getting that nightwear they were after, they also invested in some new Blue Crockery for their Weekly Lunch Club - which is a nice nostalgic return to how this all began. Anyway, here's the pic...
  21. I take it you'd be willing to pay his dues (on time!!!) going forward? Just don't be as sloppy as you were with @Bluepeter9. Yeah okay, he'll never pee straight again, but it didn't shut him up! Speaking of which - Hey BP9 - see this Dug???
  22. I know! I usually give my pledge reminders much sooner than this! Sorry.