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  1. I’m delighted to announce that Wee Josh and his family will be in attendance, and hopefully making an on-pitch appearance at Ibrox on Saturday 1st April. It’s not been easy to arrange, and would not have been possible without some very specialized help. Rangers were always happy to invite Wee Josh to Ibrox, but the problem was that after a mascot appearance, Wee Josh can’t just take a regular seat in the stand like most mascots do, and so he would require some hospitality seats (8 in fact!!). But all the hospitality is sold out for the remaining games this season, so it would have to wait until next season, which was not ideal. Luckily our very good friends at Specialized Security heard about this and stepped in with some awesome solutions… First of all, they put the word round their friends in Club Europe, and managed to persuade 8 Good Bears to give up their seats for Saturday’s game. So that’s 8 hospitality seats arranged for Josh, his brother, his mum & dad, his gran & granddad, a Carer. Oh, and little old me. (His Gran and Grandad were keen to be there too, but were struggling to get two tickets for the game, so we thought we may as well add them to the party too. ) The only problem now was that it’s a pretty long drive from Stockport to Glasgow, and the day would end up being exhausting more than anything else, so we needed to sort out some accommodation. Once again, Specialized Security stepped up, and have booked 3 rooms at the Glasgow Hilton for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday). Meaning everyone can get a good night’s sleep and be Ready for the long day ahead of them, and then get a good night’s sleep after the event too. Specialized Security have even laid on some drivers from the hotel to the stadium, and back, to make life as easy as possible for the family. So fingers crossed we have a nice sunny day on Saturday, and I hope you’ll all give a big cheer for the Wee Man when he makes his brief appearance. In order to try to capitalise on the occasion, we had hoped to combine the day with a large-scale leafleting campaign, but due to a mix-up with dates (my fault!) several of our Staunch Volunteers who I would have been relying on will not be at the game, so we would not have had enough help. So we’ll maybe try to arrange that for a later game – if any of you want to volunteer to help out with an hour’s worth of handing out leaflets before the game? Oh and one last thing – I’ll be popping in to the Megastore to get Josh and Ethan a couple of souvenirs – so if anybody wants to chip in towards that, please make a donation via the RM PayPal and then tell me that you’ve done so. Here’s the PayPal link…
  2. Many thanks to the following Good Bears who have donated towards the Megastore Whipround to get Josh (and his brother) a few souvenirs on Saturday. Current total: £195 @Bears r us @EKCO @govanblue @offshoreworker @only14me @Sweetheart @terry739 @Tiger Shaw
  3. To be fair, virtually all the credit here should go directly to Specialized. Basically all I did was tell them what we needed, and they sorted the lot!
  4. So it looks like my announcement of a fixed PayPal may have been somewhat premature! Anyone wanting to make a donation, either add a post here, or PM me, and I will send you the alternative PayPal details.
  5. http://www.<No links to this website>/sport/football/football-news/rangers-legends-2-england-select-10097984#ICID=nsm
  6. some pre kick off glimpses...
  7. Tickets are still on sale for the Big Raffle for Wee Josh. But only for the next week or so! We're still a bit short of our final target, so we need to put the pressure on y'all. So if you haven’t bought any tickets yet, then why the hell not? Sort it out now! If you HAVE already bought some tickets – Thank You!! - There’s still a week left - fancy buying any more? (oh and if my deadline comes before your payday, PM me and you can easily get some tickets on tick!) Tickets cost £10 each. Yes that's expensive, but the prizes are all worth more, and you stand a good chance of winning something, and the money all goes to a great cause. To buy a ticket(s) go to Wee Josh’s gofundme page, and make a donation, in multiples of £10. Here's the link... Don’t use your real name when donating, use your RM name! If you have any trouble donating (for example you click continue, and instead of it taking you to a payment confirmation page, it just takes you to a paypal home page) then let me know and I'll tell you the workaround) Once you've made your donation, then PM me, or post in this thread to let me know you’ve bought ticket(s), and I’ll sort everything from there. Star Prize: The Star Prize is an amazing match hospitality package which money just can’t buy, but if it could, it would cost you at least £1500!! For two people (any league game except against the unmentionables): Match-day - Check in pre-match at the Glasgow Hilton. Enjoy a champagne or cocktail reception Travel from the hotel to Ibrox Stadium in a Chauffeur Driven Jaguar XJL Matchday Hospitality – Club Europe (free food, and free pre/post Match Bar!) Signed Squad Shirt and Ball, presented by a Rangers Legend Personal tour of the Blue Room and Trophy Room Return by Chauffeur Driven Jaguar XJL to the Glasgow Hilton for a good night’s sleep. There are also loads of excellent Runner-up Prizes (full list below) including signed shirts, stadium tours, stadium lunch, medals, books, gift vouchers and more – oh and a bucketload of posh booze!!! A full list will follow below. Winners will be able to choose which prize they want from the prize list (in the order that the names are drawn) The draw will take place in the first 2 weeks in March (date yet to be finalised), and will be held in the Rangers Lotto Office, under the watchful eye of the Rangers Lotto Staff. Any questions?
  8. *** RM Erskine Fund – Season 2016/17 - Accounts, Members, Donations, Discussion, Action BUMP! The RM Erskine Fund is a voluntary fundraising group funded by RM Member donations (and other occasional fundraising activities). The money raised is spent as follows: Providing Rangers FC Products and Services to Residents of 4 Erskine Care Homes (eg: Season Tickets, Match Tickets, Hospitality Tickets, Stadium Tours, Argyle Restaurant Lunches, Rangers TV, Rangers Match Programmes) Providing non-Rangers-related Recreational Treats for the Residents of 4 Erskine Homes (eg: Boat Trips, Restaurant Lunches, Christmas Party Donations, Palace Visits, D-Day Whisky Miniatures) Supporting The Rangers Family - Rangers Development Fund, Rangers Charity Foundation, Rangers Ladies, Rangers Football In The Community. We also support Residents of Hollybush House Hospital (Combat Stress) by providing 4 Season Tickets for their exclusive use, Rangers TV and Rangers Match Programme Subscriptions The Fund has no running costs – (except the 6% PayPal fee charged by PayPal on all donations ). So every penny donated is properly spent and properly accounted for. With over £42,000 raised to date (and spent very wisely!), we are now enthusiastically embarking on our 5th Season of Supporting Erskine Veterans and Rangers FC. It promises to be our most successful season so far - and that’s why we’d really like you to join us. We launched this season’s new membership a few days ago, and the response from members has been awesome - We already have over 100 New Members before a ball is even kicked. But the more members we have, the more we can achieve, so please join us. It's easy. How to donate: To donate to the RangersMedia Erskine Fund, simply make a donation of any amount you want via the RM PayPal Donate Page… And then – VERY IMPORTANT – PM me to let me know you’ve donated. Or alternatively you can meet at Ibrox and donate cash.
  9. Hi everyone. Sorry, I've been off battling Frost Giants all week - they're stubborn creatures! But I've been keeping an eye on the threads and agree with everything said. Updates to follow.
  10. Yes he does. Here's his youtube channel...
  11. Just for the record... As long as a direct debit is cancelled by you, you can easily reinstate it at any time, either via online banking, on your banking app, or over the phone, with no fuss. So if you're not 100% sure what to do yet, you can turn it on, off, on, off, on, off as much as you want, until you've made your final decision.
  12. Yes mate - something special is happening on 1st April. All will be revealed tomorrow.
  13. At the very least, it will be a bottle of whisky.
  14. You've obviously never tried it. You're also allowing your personal disdain to cloud your critical thinking. I expect better from you.
  15. No need to keep quiet. I'm just teasing.
  16. I haven't actually revealed that yet. I was saving it!
  17. Sure, let's take it to the arbitration officer...
  18. And there you have it.
  19. 21st Prize: @Blinkyman 22nd Prize: @oldskoolblue 23rd Prize: @FoxintheBox 24th Prize: @Courtyard Bear's bus - ticket number 6 25th Prize: @Cadman 26th Prize: @bornabear 27th Prize: @billscott 28th Prize: @Bobby Hume 29th Prize: @DexterMorgan 30th Prize: @geneva_ger
  20. 11th Prize: @Courtyard Bear's Bus - ticket number 8 12th Prize: @Courtyard Bear's bus - ticket number 2 13th Prize: @LarkieDeek 14th Prize: RangersRadio 15th Prize: @The Lone Ranger 16th Prize: @Crispy Bear 17th Prize: @Almacger 18th Prize: @offshoreworker 19th Prize: @Darius72 20th Prize: @rocky
  21. 6th Prize: @EKCO 7th Prize: @Virtuoso 8th Prize: @geneva_ger 9th Prize: @EKCO - Again! 10th Prize: @Goggs