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  1. We’re so disjointed going forward imo. We’re lucky this mob are shiiiiiiite!!
  2. Don’t think so, their captain was having a moan at Alfie saying maybe he elbowed him?
  3. Some players still look like they are running through mud barasic especially. Still, can’t be too unhappy at 2-0 HT. Keep a clean sheet for a change Rangers.
  4. But point is we werent so at that time we needed our most experienced goalkeeper to clutch that ball and take it into his chest. He’s fucked it plain and simple.
  5. Mcgregor fucked that result imo. He’s reluctant to catch a corner and wants to fucking punch it when it was only Goldson beside him. If he does his job and catches the ball the game ends 1-0.
  6. Fuck this, I’m off to bed…. Fannies absolute Fannies man
  7. Why do we ALWAYS pick the wrong pass in the final 3rd when it matters?
  8. Mcgregor wtf were you doing ffs. Pulled off some great saves just to do that at the end.
  9. Fucking change this Gerrard what are you waiting on ffs
  10. That’s 3 fucking times 2 of our players have left the ball to each other and it’s went out of play ffs.
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