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  1. Wouldn't worry. No big trades - just 14k shares sold which is miniscule in 1 trade. What is important is on the pitch and we are still around not the share price. Nothing ever won on the London Stock Exchange!
  2. I don't care about Daly's religion but there is no way I could abide with Stokes' politics. There is a difference.
  3. :superally: He'll always be super ally!
  4. We will still win the league!
  5. OK, a treble will do.
  6. He was right.
  7. they will probbably relegate us, give us a transfer ban, a big fine........oh wait.............
  8. Lived in London for 20 years nearly. They couldn't give a shit about us. Most pubs showing the scttish football are tim pubs besides the cock. We are about as relevant and newsworthy as Barnet to most Londoners. Sad but true.
  9. Can we give Ally a bit more time. It was always going to be hard to adjust to Division 3. Also we are the cup final game for every team. If we are not top of the league by end of September, then lets start asking questions. And if we are not promoted by the end of the year, he'll have to go. But lets waits a wee while.
  10. Whatever about the red glove of Ulster, is that some sort of blue care bear heart?
  11. She looks dog rough. And is that a caravan she is sitting in?
  12. Whtye hurt enough small businesses. No need for the fans to follow that villian's route.
  13. I've been thinking long and hard about what I'd say if I was in the op's shoes. But 1 thing I can't get my head round is that this thread has got to 7 pages and no one has asked for pics of the OP's missus. A shambles. An utter shambles.
  14. Not sure why such delirium. We will lose players by being in division 3 rather than division 1. We will not be able to attract the best players for a few years. We will be screwed when we get back to the SPL by having to buy players to get us out of the various divisions and then probably the guts of a new squad when we get there. Money which I don't see Green providing. They will win the next 3 spls, tainted, but will narrow the gap. We will be out of Europe for 4 years now which is a big blow financially. We will reduce our revenue stream as we will have to charge lower prices. And by the time we are back, the SPL will be so shite that SKY won't pay 2 bob for it, so long term there will be no cash. The positives: A load of the diddy clubs will go bust. They will always be seen as tainted titles. We will create a record for the unbeated run over a few years in the league we will go on. The glory hunters in our support will be weeded out just as the players who weren't truely loyal have been weeded out. We won't have the dimwhits pollutting Ibrox unless we beat them in the cup. I hope we get the mhanks in the cup. Could you imagine a division 3 side whipping their peado arses. Now that would be brilliant.
  15. What about Murray? He is as much to blame as shyte whyte.