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  1. Khan will not take the fight doesn't need the hassle
  2. Clearly I've been duped we dust ourselves down and go again. Fuck the haters
  3. Harsh crowd ffs I posted cause I thought it was real my deepest apologies ya cunts
  4. This is a solid test btw just what he needs he's got the talent to become a world champion. Cmon wee man 👍
  5. That's what I'd do mate hate midday kick off on Sunday weekend drags in don't think they will tho. This shouldn't go on whilst the funeral is on I'd be disappointed if it did Sure lizzy and the family will want to watch the champions in action 👍
  6. Wish it was this weekend mate gonna be a long week 👍
  7. Well need to be ready next week. It's war and compared to the last game v them am already nervous. Huge game
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