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  1. Never a pen in the Rome Derby btw. Shocking man
  2. 11 then. If we had beaten Utd and didn't drop 2 points last week. Both very doable and we fucked it I'll take the 6 for now tho
  3. We should be 12 clear already tbf😂 20 is a shout
  4. Lennon was chased for less btw just saying
  5. Hearn confirmed it on IFL TV done both could fight separate this year but the fight is signed for early 2022 at hydro 👍
  6. Tickets no problem mate 👍 cheers anyway mate
  7. Kash Farooq v Lee mcgregor early 2022 hydro fight is done @Tiger Shaw
  8. If Joshua really wants to improve he needs to patch his coach that's for starters.
  9. Huge fortnight ahead Hibs and hearts at home 6 points required the taigs play Aberdeen and motherwell away
  10. According to Hearn he was winning the fight on the scorecards up until the championship rounds. That's a disgrace in its self
  11. From 12 minutes 30 AJ talking alot of shit this clown
  12. We will see it mate probably a trilogy belts are meaningless. Wilder v fury in a fortnight winner will fight usyk(if AJ is injured) next summer I think we'll see the first fight In Saudi
  13. If AJ has done his eye. The usyk v fury early next year for all the belts Once fury beats Wilder of course
  14. He's signed a lifetime contract with matchroom AJ 😂 short contract
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