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  1. Can't quite believe it, absolute legend taken too soon. RIP Sir Walter
  2. As a director of a football club to wish death and dehumanise our support is abhorrent and he should know better being in a privileged position.
  3. Good result but questions need asked regarding the performance in the first 40 minutes even in the second half we were coasting in the second half as well. Good couple of minutes when everything clicked but the rest of the game was turgid shite.
  4. Not even doing the basics right, out with a shot that hit the post he has been woeful
  5. No cutting edge look weak in midfield and disjointed going forward, this is brutal.
  6. McGregor made one mistake but saved us on at least 2 occasions before he misjudged the flight of the ball, could just as easy went through all the bodies for a throw in unfortunately we got punished. He's been outstanding since his return and we don't have a keeper of his standard at the club. Has saved us more times than he's let us down.
  7. Definitely but 2012 was a pile in where they didn't even try and hide it. They were after the Billy Boys early 2000's which lead to the wee blue song book. Maybe even before that.
  8. They will never stop, they are now after 4 lads had a dream. They are not happy that we are still here and now champions. You can feel the hate even in the tweet saying we are not the same club. Since 2012 they have tried to dehumanise our support by calling us zombies where was the condemnation for that? They hung effigies at there own ground and nothing happened to them so spare me the faux outrage over a tune.
  9. Uefa pay lip service to racism. Absolute farce.
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