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  1. Alfie needs to pick it up, hopefully gets a chance and takes it.
  2. The noise that standard player makes when he hits the post
  3. No way Milan would pay 20m for him they have defenders who can defend.
  4. Zombie nation Top trolling Milan
  5. We have representation on the board, which compared to being at the whim of one owner is a better model, We are still going to need external investment going forward. I don't see that as a massive problem. Just need to wait and see how it pans out.
  6. This is good news the fans aren't just stakeholders but majority shareholders. The fans will be responsible for Rangers for future generations and from the lows of the last 8 years this is really good news.
  7. Whilst it's hilarious watching the meltdown in November It's only November we have a job to get done and we need to concentrate on ourselves and keep turning the screw.
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