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  1. First question should have some middle ground not just yes / no For me the league is number 1 priority and if we fail at that then Gerrard needs to go.
  2. Already answered that in my last post. Not going round in circles. The thread is about Gerrards record not how the tarriers are with or without Brendan. Lennon has won the league with them not counting last season so what does it matter whether they are winning it in style or not, we still need to be winning all our games and Gerrards record makes grim reading. Am I confident he can turn it round not really.
  3. No. They are not same but they aren't in as bad a situation as we seem to tell ourselves in hope rather than reality.
  4. Still seem to get the job done in the league. Gerrards record away to diddy teams in the league we need to win to stop them, he's been poor and he doesn't seem capable of changing things when we are struggling.
  5. It's said in hope rather than reality. We always labour against shite teams and try and bore them to death by passing sideways. We don't have the players to win ugly on the road.
  6. We are excellent at safe possession as if we were 5 up and taking no chances.
  7. I agree we haven't won anything for 10 years. On today's evidence this team will win nothing apart from a record for not conceding a goal whilst teams had 10 men behind the ball. I have never seen us so long without a trophy but no other Rangers team was put down to the 3rd division. We have no nasty cunts in our team and Gerrard has clear favourites who are undropable no matter how many times they fuck up. It is going to be a struggle with this management team to actually win anything as they refuse to change anything until it is to late.
  8. Red card for foul on Hagi. Offside second Hibs goal. Hint of offside on first goal TBC seems like a normal game for us we will just accept it.
  9. Still gutted I didn't put the mortgage on Alloa in play when we were 2 up.
  10. How do we know there isn't, not something we would be shouting about.
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