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  1. Nice wee lead-in... cool dick, how did ya know it was cool ?
  2. You must be one of those wee idiots who jump up and down all the time and get yourselves into trouble with the police... I'm guessing... given that you have little or no intelligence ?
  3. So then Smile, you dunno about taigs and how they always as in ALWAYS give it the RIP duty then ? Prods do not use this terminology just in case you didn't know ( and others too)
  4. What a wee diddy, go grow-up.... your balls WILL drop sometime.... no doubt.
  5. Indeed, some miss this altogether though.
  6. You sound like.... how is your mother type ? Don't care about whatever charity, WE... Rangers Football Club should have said a big NO ! TO THE SCOTTISH CUP !
  7. THIS is the real truth, well said swally..... well said indeed !
  8. YES, it will.
  9. Hey LOOK ! YOUR spelling just keeps getting better and better..... sado...lolz (must BE from possil eh ?)
  10. Like I've said before.......... there are a few of you rhats on here JUST to bad mouth others....... grow-up or fuck off to a fenian place.
  11. WOW ... LOOK ! More nice words
  12. Respect says you to me... and with many a poster mentioning RIP for the guy, That is timmy wording..... prods DON'T say this term dude.... you don't know this ????????????? You lot will be crossing yourselves next. I respect the fella for what and who he was.... I do not respect you fenian-types with the RIP slogans.... not at all.
  13. I'll meet ya for sure bud... stadium bar before the next game... no probs.... I'll buy you a beer !
  14. WOW ! Intelligence... well said man.... well said indeed. A quite shitty cup and a competition RUN by the hated sfa..... yet many a bear want to be in this crappy competition, go figure ? We SHOULD as a Club have said thx but no thx to this competition.
  15. Wow, look !... more intelligent words..... lolz