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  1. not liking sound of this alex thomson ‏@alextomo1h I can't say more but it's clear the Whyte camp believes it owns Murray Park and Ibrox and intends making good on that claim. Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More [*] alex thomson ‏@alextomo1h Craig Whyte says he is "not surprised" at C Green relinquishing his role. Expand
  2. You Tube Idiot Fined

    just watched the video , goram seemed to to take it well...he shoulda punched the cunts lights out
  3. Title 55?

    im pretty sure celtic will count the tainted title last season, and any titles they win without decent opposition so why cant we count sfl3 title as 55
  4. Celik in today's paper.

    respect to celik for being honest unlike the rest of the turncoats
  5. No more Sevco

    "As every fan knows, Rangers is Rangers - it always has been and it always will be. The Club still has its 140 years of history and we are now embarking on the next 140 years. that part should be in bold for timothy
  6. BBC Alba Online

    channel 8 on freeview(if you are in scotland)
  7. 79% Drop. Ouch

    good article but.... sorry for pointing out the obvious but the 79% is took from the 65%(for OF games) + the 14% for rangers games just because they lose the old firm games ...does not mean they will drop 65% ...celtic will play another team so they would still get some viewers watching the celtic v dumfermline game or whoever gets promoted but even then your still probably looking at close to 50% drop ...im not clever enough to do the maths
  8. Poll: Which route should Rangers take?

    how is it not a disaster we will be lucky to be playing next season at this rate
  9. Poll: Which route should Rangers take?

    i thought all the sfl clubs were against us going to div1 only option is to apply for div3 or face no football at all dunno why half the forum is jumping for joy at being voted out of spl, this is a disaster no matter which way you look at it
  10. Traitors lining up at the exit door

    if a player decides not to transfer under tupe....wouldnt he still be contracted to the oldco
  11. The BTC and HMRC

    what about the dual contract meeting on monday? will that be irrelevant now too?
  12. Nacho or Gattuso?

    gattuso for me please but id have novo back too
  13. If celtic had to rename the mecanno set

    The Toilet Bowl The Sewer The Tim Can
  14. Will the CVA Get Passed

    fingers crossed for thursday hopefully be a great day
  15. HMRFC Stadium or i-brox we need the money so yeah, it will always be ibrox to the fans though