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  1. fair play to the guy he's just been promoted and lost his best player, id be gutted and what he says at the end is spot on we have got ourselves a belter of a player
  2. not all of it but I great bit about why he joined
  3. tbf they filled the main stand so its around the 8k mark
  4. lmao that got me that one, near spat my tea out
  5. Police have asked anyone with images or video footage of incidents on the pitch involving violence or disorder to contact them on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 From Stv report on the 11 arrests at the game
  6. wasn't so much aimed at you just a general point to remind people
  7. FYI posting people's addresses and suggesting witch hunts will only get yourselves into trouble ... stick to just pictures of the game
  8. sick burn bro
  9. deary me your slow, pretty much exactly what i was saying just focused on the strips as its the basis of the whole thread
  10. in my opinion they are ugly as shit .... opinions are a good thing they are healthy to have don't stifle them because you don't agree, and if your offended by the word shit then away and change your tampon
  11. story isn't based in any solid facts but to be fair it seems the logical choice, King doesn't want to advertise the tops like we always do if we get to the final, if we are getting the reported 4p in the £ then it looks as though King is willing to do without the 4p completely to starve Ashley out
  12. was my opinion hard to understand ? let me guess .... because I don't like the strips i'm a rhat ? go on get it out your system
  13. first time in ages I think the new tops are ugly as shit anyway :/
  14. Might aswell raid the bottom division im sure they are all desperate to play for us
  15. pitch invasion for a scottish cup is embarrassing