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  1. Drop players thats losing form. For me thats Aribo and Kent. .jack kamara and Davis in midfield Hagi Itten Wright 3 points please
  2. Agreed mate. But still not a football issue punishable by uefa. this is like an argument with my mrs, when I pull her up for something and she says “aye but mind that time you lied in 2009”
  3. “Aye but they’re worse” honestly this is getting old now. the pedo ring at that mob is a criminal issue that can’t be punished by uefa
  4. We can’t sing TTB, it’s simple really
  5. Good performance here, got the feeling we are at the start of a golden era for our club
  6. Regardless of who the scum have as manager if we keep dropping silly points nothing will change
  7. Didn’t we get one in our favour because the ref seen it?
  8. Ally McCoist diving header against the beasts. Cant remember the game just remember McCoist at the back post.
  9. To be honest they don’t no the how do we get there bit. Need to teach them better ?
  10. Picked up the kids and asked where we were on our way too ? 987A86C0-4A35-49F6-97C5-B2D64DF6F1A9.MOV
  11. When are they going to release the embroidered treatment table?
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