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  1. I had in my head that he’d died a while back. No idea why was shocked when I saw him.
  2. I know. Pure ignorance. And protects the ball very well.
  3. To be honest, it looked like Barker was utterly half arsing it with his pressing. Made me think of Gerrard going on in that first pre-season ‘get it in your heads now’ and how Barker does none of it
  4. Make it more difficult for FARE to pick you out mate.
  5. If my club had covered up child abuse, they wouldn’t be my club anymore. The Guardian article is a horrible read. Couldn’t actually finish it. Hope every bastard that was involved in it or was complicit in the cover up rots for it.
  6. Never know. They really aren’t a good side. Been papering over the cracks with last minute wins, while the sheep have been on a half decent run. Dont know why I get my hopes up like this...
  7. In fairness, there’s barely been a peep about his head slap. Wasn’t even on the BBC highlights...
  8. Tough to say really. The full backs are absolutely critical to our system, but they can’t play without a great CB partnership. Supported by a top drawer shot stopper in McGregor. Kamara & Davis are key to keeping the ball, and Morelos key to holding it up. Kent is the guy that unlocks the defences for us, and Arfield is the guy breaking lines. All is know is Barker is dug meat.
  9. Really don’t think there’s much in it.
  10. Don’t think it’s a criticism of the OP, as his point is valid. There’s some that are happier to GIRUY Brown than winning games.
  11. Cheated by Beaton and the SFA. SNP are against them for not letting Christie play. Operation ‘stop the ten’ in full force from the establishment.
  12. If nothing else, the filth almost always find a way to win against the diddy teams. They’ve been dug meat this season, but keep getting results. We need to get over the hurdle of turning over these teams as our bread and butter, as we’ve no issues with ‘big’ games anymore.
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