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  1. Bang out of order. Our players have decided they want to do it and we should be backing them.
  2. You had some shockers on here made, but that’s the worst.
  3. I’m guessing that bench will near enough be the 11 vs Malmö, maybe with Aribo wide and Sakala through the middle. And McGregor back obviously.
  4. Think you’re confusing hopes with expects.
  5. Barkas’s Da in goals as well.
  6. He’ll be staying unless some cunt stumps up the cash. Hasn’t happened after 4 years of speculation. I think he’ll still be here this season too. Crack at the Champions League and the get his move.
  7. Not really based on nothing though is it. Less than 12 months on a deal we’ve been trying to extend for the previous 12. He might end up signing / staying, but could just as easily not.
  8. Not very palatable, but the better these cunts do in Europe the more it benefits us.
  9. This is what this seasons home kit should have been like. Not a fucking yellow monster.
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