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  1. Hopefully we go for the jugular now. Not sure what evidence they can possibly have about Kamara.
  2. No sympathy for Lennon in the slightest. Cunt deserves all he gets. Absolute horrible bastard of the highest order. That said, social media is a dreadful thing. Can’t even go out and get pished without some cunt putting it on Twitter. Worst thing that’s ever happened to society, makes idiots think their opinion matters.
  3. Even if he’s not, we should have a minimum standard of reading and writing required.
  4. I’m not really that confident about this bizarrely. Haven’t been at our sparkling best in a while, and apart from the 2-0 at the piggery we haven’t really turned up as we know we can. Midfield is a worry for me.
  5. I feel like as fantastic as this season has been, what it is missing is giving these cunts an absolute battering. A 4-0 style job. Make up for the days of Holt, Windass and Goss in a midfield against them.
  6. Midfield battle is a real worry to be honest. Been second best in the last two without Jack. Expecting... McGregor Patterson Goldson Helander Barisic Arfield Davis Kamara Aribo Morelos Kent Never know with SG / MB who I think overthink it against them at times, and might have Aribo back in the midfield 3 and Roofe / Hagi in the forward line.
  7. Nothing to play for, and game looked that way. Our midfield 3 against the filth is a worry.
  8. I know Kamara and Davis have done well this year, but they’re invisible at times when teams have a go at us. Really need Hack back.
  9. Be quite a few screaming ‘fucking wake up’ if we were allowed in Ibrox today.
  10. Not sure he was quite there to be honest. Had Schmeichel and Seaman playing for England’s best two at the time. As great as peak Goram was I don’t think he’s better than Schmeichel.
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