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  1. The only thing missing is him being hit by the coin, collapsing and saying ‘apart from the 2 that do’.
  2. graeme_4

    Ryan Kent

    Two very good assists against Aberdeen last week. Don’t need to lie / exaggerate to make the point. He hasn’t been good enough and needs to pull his socks up (in an attacking sense). Works his baws off for the team.
  3. Don’t think Arfield will be near it to be honest.
  4. Be tempted to go: McGregor Tav Goldson Helander Barisic Davis Kamara Hagi Morelos Itten Barker
  5. I think Kent and Aribo need to drop out. Can’t believe I’d want Barker in, but needs to happen.
  6. Hopefully. Missing Jack, Arfield and Roofe is a fair blow to be honest. 3 almost certain starters. We’ve handled it pretty well.
  7. It has felt like that in the last two Motherwell games to be honest. First one nearly caused a nuclear meltdown. Yesterday was calmer, but only because the filth are in disarray. December - January was always going to be very tough to take maximum points. Just disappointing we’ve dropped them at the easiest venue. Could really use some extra drive in the middle of the park. Really need Jack and Arfield back. And genuine competition for Kent.
  8. It’s actually shite having to wait a week between games.
  9. Having a week between games so they really shouldn’t be. Big blow not having Jack or Arfield - they really drive us forward. Neither Kent or Aribo are doing it for me at the moment.
  10. I think we’ve won 16 in a row in the league. That’s a fantastic achievement. Just need to bounce back next week and kick on again.
  11. Pretty poor, but not a disaster. Won’t be getting too upset about it.
  12. Hasn’t done very well when he’s started, although has been a good impact sub.
  13. Pedro, Murty, going for McInnes and the handling of Mike Ashley are all pretty significant fuck ups IMO.
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