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  1. Never said you did. Plenty screaming for Goldson to be dropped during and after the game last night. Both at Ibrox and if you scan through the match thread.
  2. And he’s the only one that’s consistently fit. Cunts screaming for him to be binned would be going off their nut with Balogun and Bassey or Simpson at the back.
  3. I know we’ve been pish, but I’ve no fear of Hibs. Must get the job done here, or Gerrard is starting to become not far off shoogly peg territory.
  4. Honestly, no. And it’ll be one of the biggest disgraces in our history if we don’t. It’ll take years to recover as the management team will go and the filth get £40m of champions league money in the bank.
  5. Not normally, but you need to take into account the starting points and gulf in budgets at the time. We we’re on about half their wages at one point.
  6. If we’re within 4 points of the filth after that we’ve performed a miracle on current form.
  7. I can’t believe how bad we are compared with last season. Offer absolutely fuck all. We’re not winning this league I don’t think. Absolute gut punch after what’s happened this week.
  8. Aye for your opposition. 6 points dropped in 4 home games.
  9. I’m at the point where I can’t actually see us winning this league. We’re awful.
  10. On to run about and be useless, and then some folk to say he needs time to settle. Rinse and repeat.
  11. I can’t believe we’re so fucking bad compared with last season. Absolutely woeful. 2-1 down at home on a day like today and we’ve barely made a chance.
  12. I’m genuinely worried if we don’t pick up a win tonight, that we won’t win the league. The filth for all they had a horrendous start, have had a tougher run and are making light work of it, while we’re struggling to beat absolute pish at home.
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