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  1. What part of the above don’t you understand? you know what fuck you and this is my last message to you about this ‘old man.
  2. A Husband, Father, Grand father, Great Grand father, WW2 war hero in the Royal Navy, Captain of his own Ship. A mention in dispatches, Pilot, worked with over 800 Charities. Set up the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, the 73 years of marriage, 70 plus years public service....the list goes on. This old man deserves humility and respect.
  3. it is at the minute but if the sfa want fans in them they need to consider it being moved due to the euro restrictions
  4. schedule it for the piggery as that’s big enough and neutral or Murrayfield
  5. I find it avoids confrontation during road rage 🤣😂
  6. He’s got a one match ban on the evidence he’s submitted which is verbally abusing GK by saying ‘you fucking guy’. The only way out for him is if one of his team mate backs him up which might just happen.
  7. The Scottish government has given approval for 12,000 supporters - 25% of the stadium's capacity - to attend Euro 2020 matches at Hampden in June. Uefa had given the 12 host cities until Wednesday to submit plans for fan attendance, with the likelihood of some venues being switched if no guarantees could be given. A final decision from the governing body is likely to come on Friday. Scotland are set to start against the Czech Republic at Hampden on 14 June. The national stadium is also scheduled to host Croatia's Group D meeting with the Czechs four days later, followed by
  8. So fans are now a possibility for the final according to the dentist of death 👏🏻👏🏻
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