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  1. To me those 3 are starters especially for the bigger games.
  2. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure Jack has only played 18 out of the last 60 matches for us. I do want him back though asap
  3. I can’t believe our £20 million superstar McKee (who?) is being dragged into this argument over the gang of racist bigots at the record. A classic bout of whataboutery
  4. The daily record investigation seems to have went the same with investigation over at the peadodome
  5. That’s probably why there’s not much objection then they can seat sub
  6. I downloaded one within 10 minutes and saved it to my phone.
  7. Interesting to see the ‘draft’ guidance and if the security (sub contractors) have hand held readers (expense) or they’ll be taken any info on face value. A wee bit like being exempt from wearing a mask where security asked the question and the maskless said they were exempt and that was the conversation over and the person was then permitted to access the business.
  8. The paper copy has the two qr codes which are related to the dates and vaccination centres where the vaccines were administered
  9. good point and I don’t know but there’s no updated business guidance from what I’m trying to source
  10. It’s all propaganda and read the small print it’s mostly people with underlying health conditions who should probably have taken the vaccine
  11. No but he goes to a handful of games per year but as security/ Covid polis rather than to see the match 😂🤣
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