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  1. You can’t deny they have a harder November than us and if they continue to drop points while we don’t then it’s all about the momentum for us and the pressure on them chasing. They tried to design the fixtures to get a crowd but it back fired and long May their downfall continues.
  2. They cunts need to get through November first and to be perfectly honest they’re in free fall and TLB won’t make it out November
  3. I like that team but would have Aribo instead of Itten
  4. I don’t even think he’s had a training session yet so I don’t think he’ll be anywhere this game
  5. I would start him on Thursday.
  6. Benfica away is the first in the double header which will be tough but 3 points first against Poznan please.
  7. I didn’t agree with him starting but his goal was class 👏🏻👏🏻
  8. Not happy at JD starting and SG better have this or he’ll be back to his tinkering shite like the last two seasons
  9. The flying pig I heard Bertie the other day for Bassy which is better than Shirley IMO
  10. Sorry need to correct you as he took it by 4 players plus one of those same players twice, he then done the keeper (another player) so technically he done 5 in total 😂😂
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