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  1. Green/ Yellow teeth has been missing us
  2. I luv my man very much.. You are jealous of James RFC loyal winning the XFactor.. In actual fact I've never been banned from here.. Only a 24 hour ban from Pie and Bovril.. RM are too mature to ban Bearettes
  3. Dunno.. Your avatars fake
  4. You should get out more.. Really
  5. Just as we foreseen xx
  6. Absolutely x
  7. check out my pics
  8. Are you Big "Al" ??
  9. I luv my other half very much.. Thats the truth.. Hate myself for working for Alistair Murning.. Thats also the truth.. He has made my life hell
  10. Avatars my last pic.. Last time we went to Ibrox the police horses forced me.. The big man... And the kids.. "all 3 kids under 10" into the wrong queue.. No he does not wear a cap
  11. Ok.. Keeping quiet.. If you need to ban me I really don't care.. Get banned all the time.. I will pay £25 to the sponsored player.. Sponsorship moneys yours.. Its not an acvafeckintar.. Its me
  12. Ok.. Scottish Blue..Sure you will.. Wink Wink
  13. If you banned me i'd pay anyway.. And thats the truth..