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  1. About time. Do they give a figure on how much the rat bastard stole from the club?
  2. Our Manager - Ally McCoist

    Ally deserves this year at least and we will win this league, I have no doubts about that. Also if the manager thought he was harming the club, he would be the first to walk. I know some of us, including me, don't rate him as a manager (atm) but he deserves to be judged at the end of the season. A new coach/assistant might be an idea, just to freshen up the coaching side. The two he has at the minute are clearly not fit for purpose.
  3. Willie Vass - 29/08/12 Rangers training

    You keep on bringing up things that are implausible, first we have the scout delivering the lunch menu now all this. If it's any of your further suggestions then perhaps you should photoshop Charles Greens head onto Neil Murrays body, because surely Green should be dealing with that. I have made a guess based on the picture, the people in it, their roles and the fact that we need more players and there has been no movement or not much on that front. You want to believe something else, fine, but for me again IN MY OPINION it shows a lack of preparation, for which we as a club have previous for, as in last year.
  4. Willie Vass - 29/08/12 Rangers training

    Drawing, no fucking wonder our tactics are so bad, so instead of taking training the chief scout, manager and assistant are looking at kid's drawings. Or it might be two names with signed after them, is Neil Murray incapable of speech, seriously the time it would take to type and print the thing, if that's the way you would do it, fine. I concede that none of us knows whats on that piece of paper, but it is reasonable to believe that Neil Murray our scout is showing the Manager and assistant a list of available players, especially as our manager is on record as saying he needs new players. Lack of preparation yet again, IMHO.
  5. Willie Vass - 29/08/12 Rangers training

    Yeah you're probably right, we employ scouts to deliver lunch menus.
  6. Willie Vass - 29/08/12 Rangers training

    Excellent pics as usual. That list has me fuming. 2 days to go and they're looking at lists, fuck me Ally, did you not learn anything last year, preparation FFS.
  7. Are we missing a big opportunity

    We have been brutal to watch (in the majority of games) since Walter came back. Does it need changed? Too bloody right it does. Will it? I doubt it when you look at the players we have brought in.
  8. Ally has his say!

    He's the manager, he has the opportunity to change things, he puts the team on the park and ultimately the buck stops with him. This fascination, some might say addiction that we have to playing players out of position has to stop.
  9. Crying out for wingers

    Wingers, pace and creativity needed. Need a flair player to create something, we are far too predictable. McCulloch, legend as he is, is not and never will be mobile enough to play in the midfield. CB's do not make good full backs (in our case), someone at the club has to have realised this by now, it's been going on for years now. Mr Green get the cheque book out, you need to add to this squad. If this type of form transfers itself to Ibrox, crowds will drop and that is the last thing we need. The fans have backed the team and it's now time the management, players etc repay that backing by at least doing the basics right.
  10. Fuck the SPL, badly managed and insolvent. Time for the SFL and Longmuir to come up with proper plans for the whole of Scottish football, not plans drawn up on the back of a fag packet in order to save the lame duck that is the spl. And to think they all screamed "We don't need Rangers"
  11. James McFadden?

    No thanks, it's signings like this that put us in debt.
  12. Gomis

    Very good signing, if true of course. Always thought we should have offered him a contract when he was free.
  13. Ally McCoist The Manager

    The football will get better. He has to be given the time to build his own team. This year (and probably next year) doesn't count as he has had to rely on stop gap signings. Last season can and should be forgiven, it's becoming clearer that Whyte was fucking about from the start. If there comes a time that Ally thinks he can't do the job, he won't stay around to damage the club any further. Yes we can all be critical and I have been and will be again. However look at the shit the man has faced in the past year, if you're honest you'll know how you felt yourself through some of this, imagine being in the eye of the storm. I'll admit I didn't want him to be the manager after Smith left, but he has more than earned his chance after everything that has went on.
  14. Kyle Hutton

    First game of the season, he looked a couple of stone overweight and was anonymous. Kid has to realise that he needs to work hard to get into the team regardless of what division we are in.
  15. Rhys McCabe Explains Why He Quit

    Fuck him, he could have been a star now he will be just another journeyman. Hope the heart monitor he was talking about doesn't belong to Rangers, if it does, can we have it back please.