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  1. Fuck sake Tav. Still positive, think we'll do them regardless.
  2. Shite. Makes you want to strangle somecunt. Mon Rangers...
  3. John is the only player that's looked decent and direct anytime he's got the ball. Good goal, get in there.
  4. Garner could have scored a few already, great goal that.
  5. Bit more needed on the pass but decent fight from MOH.
  6. Shocking goal to concede. Halliday should have tapped it forward with the return for Harry.
  7. Fucking hell no seen this Waghorn in a while. Him and McKay have been brilliant.
  8. Big Kiernan working his way towards the biggest cunt in Aberdeens team, I like that Keep the head but boys mon.
  9. that ball over the top from McKay was class. Well In Hodson!
  10. fucking hell O'Halloran, I never want to see a backwards pass from him again, no need.
  11. http://cricfree.tv/update/live9/stream4.php if you have adblock just click close and the little X's, been fine all first half for me.
  12. Fuck sake Lee, on the good foot aswell. That move was top notch though.
  13. mate there was one guy with hands on head, mouth wide open as the ball lands at Dodoos feet looking like a right tit, was in stitches
  14. Well done to that man, I enjoyed that goal, from wanting to put the head on the telly to buzzing.
  15. Kennys been class so far, keeping it simple movement has been brilliant.
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