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  1. Driving the PUL community out of the club is their long term vision. Of that I am certain. I dread to think who'll make up our support in 30/40 years' time.
  2. "Club 1872 would like to echo the message from Rangers" It was at this point I fucked off.
  3. Do people honestly think it'll all be alright if we simply stop signing TBB and Super Rangers? You not remember these cunts going after us for singing Build My Gallows in 2011? Get real.
  4. Everyone Anyone, including Rangers and Britain hating bigots.
  5. This is a board who: - didn't give a toss that their own players were attacked on the pitch after the 2016 cup final - appointed Pedro Caixinha based on a powerpoint presentation - spunked the best part of £10m on bringing him in, signing his shite players (one of which was a known alcoholic), then getting rid of him - thought Graeme Murty was good enough to be our full time manager - fucked up the new retail deal and are now costing the club a fortune in monthly court sessions amongst other balls ups, and will always be beyond criticism for alot of our support.
  6. People just leave it to the UB's now though and have done for years. No-one's saying there was never great atmospheres before they formed but it can't be denied the atmosphere is pish without them now.
  7. I sit in the Copland so not affected either way.
  8. They'd just tell the club to close off 3000 seats. They wouldn't care which section.
  9. I've even heard it started in the Copland before.
  10. It's childish as fuck is what it is. People say the UB's act like wee boys. That is as petty and immature as you can get from the club.
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