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  1. Honestly can't think of anything worse than reading that paper the day after a defeat to them.
  2. Playing Defoe instead isn't the answer. We'd have no outball and in a game like that would be just stupid. We'd still need Morelos to run their defence ragged even if he isn't scoring.
  3. It's in his head. Any other opposition he scores at least 2 yesterday.
  4. I suppose if you look at how we've progressed since May 2018 and not the last 8 years as a whole, most of which Gerrard wasn't responsible for, he's probably got a point. Doesn't make it any easier for the fans though who've had take painful defeat after painful defeat for the best part of a decade.
  5. Light rain showers and gusty winds all the way through to kick off looking at the forecast. Personally think this is nothing more than a slight concern that has grown arms and legs.
  6. Based on nothing other than people making up pish on Twitter.
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