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  1. Sign a player for £8m who does nothing yet as long as we win the league that's absolutely fine?
  2. So we can sign a player for £15m who doesn't kick his own arse but as long as we win the league that's alright? You're on glue.
  3. £7m for 14 goals in 64 appearances. Pathetic.
  4. Edouard rightly gets the piss taken out of him because he's nowhere near worth the £9m they paid for him, yet Kent gets away with it just because he plays for us? Doesn't work that way.
  5. A key figure yet has contributed the grand total of fuck all for months... Has he been worth the £7m in your opinion?
  6. People are only defending him because he put Brown on his arse with a swipe at thin air. Prove me wrong.
  7. This could be Amsterdam or Sunderland Lazio in Rome 'Cause sultik get battered Everywhere they go Everywhere they go
  8. Plastic water bottles must be shitting themselves for Wednesday night.
  9. That's a horiffic statistic.
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