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  1. Barker runs like he's bursting for a shite and holding a cup of bovril.
  2. Naw mate will phone on Friday.
  3. As an adult Season Ticket Holder in the Broomloan Rear Family Stand, our records show that your profile does not have a junior Season Ticket Holder linked to your account. As you may be aware it is a pre-requisite of owning an adult Season Ticket in the Family Stand that you are accompanied by a junior Season Ticket Holder. We would be grateful if you could please confirm the name and Rangers Number of the junior Season Ticket Holder(s) that are part of your grouping. Should you no longer have a Season Ticket Holder aged under 18 in your grouping we can arrange for a priority seat tr
  4. 2020 will be remembered for COVID-19 and Brandon Barker being a thing.
  5. Aberdeen will do their usual against them, hee haw.
  6. In from a night shift and there's this one absolute worst cunt two or 3 doors down that let's their daft looking dug out the back at 10 every morning just so it can bark non stop at a fence the big spastic. That starts barking then it sets off another dick further down the street, cunts shouldn't have dogs if they're just left outside all day, arseholes.
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