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  1. Doubt it tbh, the 3rd game in April will be the biggest. Actually fear going to Pittodrie, Tynecastle and Easter Road more than the piggery.
  2. People are in for a serious fright when the accounts for last season get released, we won't be signing any cunt in January. Wouldn't be selling players either it's not the right time.
  3. Too many off the boil as well, no wonder we're struggling to win games carrying 7 or 8 passengers each week.
  4. Heading back in this morning to put a couple of tops down as we never got the chance to last night.
  5. Fwiw I'm still confident that we'll win it, but that belief seems to be fading with each passing month. We should have been cruising and now we've allowed them to get back in it.
  6. First 60-70 minutes against Hearts aye.
  7. What was last night and the game against Hearts?
  8. We don't come back in that game 2 years ago.
  9. Teams that leak goals like us tend to not win league titles.
  10. Alarm bells are ringing, and if they aren't for you, they fucking should be.
  11. Take it you'd need MyGers to have any chance of a ticket then?
  12. Work was a struggle last night just replaying all the memories over in my head from his 2nd spell, was only 6 years old when we clinched 9IAR so it wasn't my time but I'd grown up listening to stories about that side from my dad, watched all the videos etc so when it was announced that he was returning to Rangers it was like this colossus of a man was coming back to really sort the club out considering the bad spell we were going through at that time. Been said many times in this thread already but 07-11 was a really special period in our clubs history imo, for that man to walk through those doors again and achieve what he did considering the strains that were on the club at the time was nothing short of unbelievable, the one game that really summed it all up was the cup final v St Mirren,to drag us through kicking and screaming with 9 men to win it was incredible. He'll always be the Rangers manager for me and has earned a special place in our clubs long and illustrious history, thanks for the memories Walter 💙
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