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  1. He does, he's realising he's shit. Reminded me of a guy who's burd left him for another guy. Feels like greetin but puts on a front and heads to a strip joint. Bet he cried himself to sleep last night. In other news touch of class from Andre Ward who collected $37,000 from Paul Smiths failure to make weight, but gave it back to him after the fight.
  2. Broner is garbage. Tries to fight like Floyd but he can't move his feet. Easy to hit, timing isn't there. Those scorecards were a fucking joke too, Broner won 2 rounds.
  3. Arreola or Tiger could beat Wilder. Shoot out.
  4. Warburton received alot of plaudits for the style of football he had Brentford playing.
  5. he's had 2 full seasons. Anyway, who's your candidates then, now we know you require more than 2 seasons in a management role?
  6. "could" but it won't, he's a salesmen and he was selling current prices by suggesting they might drop.
  7. PLG wasn't given a chance though was he? I'm fed up with PLG being the standard bearer of what a failed manager is simply because he only got 30 games in charge before wee Barry decided he didn't like the diet he got put on.
  8. No he wouldn't, and that's not how it works.
  9. He won the "best of the rest" with an established SPL club, it's impressive but nothing special. It's not like Motherwell are minnows compared to Kilmarnock or Dundee Utd. Warburton has competed at a much higher level than SPL level in League 1 & Championship, what he achieved with far less resources to the clubs he up against such as Leeds, Cardiff etc.
  10. We need to rebuild an entire team, we need to appoint a manager this week.
  11. What Warburton did with Brentofrd over the last 2 years is a much greater success than McInnes with Aberdeen. Prior to that Warburton was in a DoF & Development roles while Derek McInnes was establishing a club record of 15 consecutive losses with Bristol. So I can see your logic of Derek having an extra 4 years of failed management experience being a decisive factor.............
  12. OK sure he's only had 2 seasons in management, but they were 2 outstanding seasons. Asking for someone who is as talented, plays great football and is hugely experienced mght be a big ask to come manage in the Scottish Championship. You have Ancelotti in mind?
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