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  1. So you call the old div 1 the prem cause that's the modern top tier equiv but refuse to do so in terms of us competing in tier 2 regardless of the semantics.
  2. The top 4 tiers are national and at least semi-pro. I don't think it's unreasonable to discount fully amatuer regional leagues. Which clubs have done these "clean sweeps"? Something on a par with winning; Div 3 , Div 2, Div 1, Prem,FA Cup, League Cup, Challenge Cup?
  3. Hmm i think it's reasonable to discount them on the basis that they are 1. Regional & 2. Not Professional
  4. I'd like another one. You seem obsessed with me.
  5. I'd consider the "bigger picture" to potentially be a world record. How many teams around the world have won EVERY competition, from bottom to the top, the "clean sweep"?
  6. Show me our name in the official record books then (other then the "3rd" for 2014/15): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_winners_of_the_Scottish_Championship_and_predecessors
  7. Irrelevant to the point at hand. There is a 122 year history associated with the division we're currently in, show me where we are in the record books as winners? If we win the Petrofac cup this year and gain promotion via the play-offs then the 2nd tier of Scottish football will be the only one missing from the proverbial "Clean Sweep", as the official record books will show.
  8. The division we currently compete in has a 122-year history dating back to 1893. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_winners_of_the_Scottish_Championship_and_predecessors Any clown who thinks we've won it before, feel free to show me Rangers on the above list.
  9. "The highest division in Scotland" and what we currently compete in, are 2 entirely different things, unless what Hearts won last season you put on a par with our 54 wins. It's a different competition, a different tier, regardless of what hunk of metal they give the players to get a photo with at the end of the season.
  10. BOOM. Fucking idiot. How simple can it be, the Clean Sweep is every available competition in the country. On 1 hand you're saying we've already won it, then on another lumping it in with "top flight". It's really this simple; We've won the top flight 54 times. We've won the 4th tier once. We've one the 3rd tier once. Hey Sheep, or goat or donkey or whatever fucking farm animal you want to be called, answer this; how many times have Rangers won the 2nd tier?
  11. That's actually an u17's tournament now so technically we could be overtaken by bheasts :o
  12. So what have we won 54 times?
  13. It's a different competition you smoldering stool.
  14. Wrong. Since our inception until the admin fiasco we had only ever competed in the top tier of Scottish football, winning it 54 times. Last season was the first year we've ever competed in the second tier.
  15. Aren't there lower leagues/divisions/cups?
  16. This is deffo a grower. Starting to go full 180, hated it first startin to really like it :^]
  17. The Rangers Trophy cabinet consists of (domestic): Scottish Championships Scottish Cups Scottish League Cups Scottish Division 3 Champions Scottish Division 2 Champions This season is our last chance (unless we fail to get promoted or are relegated in the future) to achieve "the clean sweep" of winning every available trophy, which is missing; Scottish Division 1 (Championship) Scottish Challenge Cup (Petrofac) How important is it to you we win "the clean sweep", and does anyone know if a "clean sweep" has ever been achieved before anywhere else in the world? (Celt*c sweeping between the 70's-90's doesn't count).
  18. My first reaction was "that is honkin'" but tbh i'll reserve judgement til i see it on.
  19. Yes. We're operating at Warburton's known level; English Championship. If we build a solid, fit hardworking team with English Championship level quality of player we'll quickly find ourselves back at the top of Scottish football.
  20. Not usually into Ulster stuff as the lyrics mean heehaw to me but always enjoy a: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OUR FATHERS BRAVE AND BOLD then the songs all down hill from there. also Glasgow Rangers Champeeee-ons ohohohohhh
  21. Shame he didn't live in Glasgow because with a little publicity the rangers family would be out in force for one of our own. Hopefully bears local to Nottingham pay this man the respect he deserves.
  22. Only when lighting a camp fire, not sure what that's got to do with another wee picture.
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