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  1. They all count. Wife hates it when I score away though. Selfish imo.
  2. Stressful mate. We should win though. They have only won 2 of the last 38 leauge meetings.
  3. It's Paisley and the stadium is in Figi. Car damage immenent. Seriously though, Google map Shortroods (the scheme next to Figi) and try and find a space on a schemie st. Industrial estate loyal btw. Need to get their early though obviously.
  4. Gainfully employed thanks. To be brutally honest I am sacrificing my spare time so my fellow Bears don't have to speak to you. Taking one for the team. Not your obviously.
  5. Honesty at last. Honesty sets you free!!!!! What do you do with them? Giver/taker/chairman suck off?
  6. Never touch drink. Ever since my wife crashed under the influence with my 2 wains.
  7. Calm doon to a frenzy!!! Not sure exactly how I triggered you. Could you quote the post so I can buid on it you stupid CUNT?
  8. Trying too hard. Sad to see even the saddest cunt fail repeatedly.
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