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  1. Kent's assist for Morelos' opener was his ninth of the season in all competitions - as many as he provided in 2018-19 (6) and 2019-20 (3) combined. He also scored his 10th goal of the season, the first time he has reached double figures in a campaign. The stats don't lie, the lad is improving. He will no doubt get better under SG and add more goals to his game.
  2. Would have received a yellow card for time-wasting in the SPFL.
  3. It's the scarf I hate more than anything else TBH. Not too worried who we get next but would prefer the English clubs in the latter stages.
  4. My nephew is a huge Man Utd fan and Rangers are his Scottish team. He even has a Man U/Rangers 50/50 scarf which I despise. I'd love to beat them then and put a match to the fucking thing!
  5. Meteorological Spring and we are within touching distance of 55, meaning only Juventus can win 10 in a row. We have stormed our way into the Last 16 of the Europa League, boosted out co-efficient yet again and have the best league record of any professional club team in the world. Truly outstanding!
  6. He owes SG, the team and our support big time for giving him a second chance. Tonight was a great first instalment.
  7. A great trait for a winger. Always alert and trying to catch the opposition out and steal the ball. Loads of teams in Europe like to take their time and play it out slowly from the back. Won't be the last European team he punishes for it imo.
  8. Very CONSISTANT in Europe. That's why we paid 7 million for him,
  9. I wish! Anyhow, great match. We are brilliantly unpredictable in Europe.
  10. Fear no foe! I don't care who it is we knock out.
  11. Thank fuck Itten scored that penalty. I wanted to put a tenner on 4-2 Morelos anytime at 50 to 1 and the wife disagreed so we did other bets. She will still get her hole now.
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