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  1. I'd miss Tav most. I am very confident he will extend his contract though, so not an issue. We obviously have to keep them all. They are the spine of our team and just like us they fucking hate losing.
  2. He has truly lived those great words. The quote would be a great addition to his tattoos btw.
  3. Tavs has proven so many people wrong. Sutton labelled him a serial loser. Some of our support understandably lost faith in him last season when his form plummeted. He didn't crawl back into his shell. Just the opposite, he put even more effort in. As Struth once said.... No matter the days of anxiety that come our way, we shall emerge stronger because of the trials to be overcome. Despite the hard times Tavs has emerged as the captain who won title 55. No surrender James Tavernier!
  4. They won't bite the hand that feeds them. They are all self serving greedy bastards.
  5. It's tragic that we won't be allowed into Ibrox due to the pandemic. Our fantastic run has kept all us going through these dark times though. Thankful for that. Hope we have more than one piece of silverware to celebrate when you are back bud.
  6. I am surprised they even fined them tbh. Token gesture. It's ultimately the supporters that lose out.
  7. You may be in a different continent but you should log in here as usual and share the joy mate. Will be mental on here on the 15th assuming we don't crash the internet.
  8. I would keep him on a much lower wage and bump it up with bonuses and appearance money. He is a wealthy man and can afford to take a financial hit for first team football. He would be good as cover. He does really well as a super sub imo. There is no room for sentimality though. If he doesn't take a wage cut it is time to say goodbye. As for a coaching role he has a wealth of experience and all the youngsters speak highly of him and say he goes out of his way to encourage them. I only wish he had signed for us years ago. His shot is lethal and he is always in the right place.
  9. Absolutely no chance of that my man ... unless you paid for express delivery.
  10. The wife's dad died of cancer a while back. He was a bluenose and loved watching football in general. Certainly got his moneys worth out of Sky. He didn"t see 55 but he met my daughter as a baby shortly before he passed away. She has his surname. Least I could do. That meant the world to him. We will all have a toast to him on the day.
  11. In that case Admin should verify him pronto.
  12. Brilliant video mate. Thanks for posting it. I will watch it on the day too. So many memories. It has been a long and painful journey but I am proud of every single Bear/Bearette that made our climb to the summit possible. Back where we belong at long last. Our support truly are The People!
  13. I genuinely think that whoever wins it will be modest and dedicate the award to the squad. That is the sort of strong team ethos we have.
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