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  1. Usually only abroad for home games on RTV mate unless you are a STH. You can watch in UK using a VPN. It is also on Sky TV. So many abbreviations.... ftp.
  2. Good to have a Saturday afternoon match to look forwards to. Easy win for us I reckon. 4-0. Keep our unbeaten run going for another season lads!!
  3. You are officially old now. Hope you didn't do anything out of place like sing or shout. Frowned upon. Clapping only!
  4. Sectarian Subway mate, staying closed when the prods play like that. Contact James Dornan SNP at greertinfacedbigot@yahoo.com. He will be all over it..
  5. Livid your 6 nil Real bet didn't come up.
  6. Good display today. Real keeper kept them in it. Could have win by 3 or 4 goals if not for him. Team is looking fluent and fit. Feeling confident for Saturday now.
  7. Only has 1 season under his belt and that was interrupted by covid lockdowns. He can become a much better player imo. Morelos is a far better striker. Becoming increasingly difficult to keep Alfredo here though.
  8. Good that he is hurting. Glad he can't afford to pay for a press pass for Ibrox too. Won't stop him making up shite about us right enough.
  9. Not the poor racists fault then. Southgate and the media to blame... they made them do it. Were they to blame for the Kamara incident too? What a blinkered fantasy world you live in. Delusional!
  10. Wasn't the home leg first? Regardless, they are an excellent team and it will be a great workout for our squad. At least we know they won't sit back and hold on for a draw. Friendlies are usually boring but I think this game will have an edge to it.
  11. So the racist monkey mojos the players were sent on social media weren't because of the colour of their skin? That is one of the most ill conceived posts I have ever read on here.
  12. Is it all of our black players then? People of colour in general? What are these morons booing for? Do they even know?
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