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  1. I am always disappointed when we don't win. It's the Rangers way. Hope that never changes. Especially when we are two goals up in the second half twice. That hurts no matter how good the opposition are. Saying that I am sttill happy with the points that we have more than earned that put us in this good place. A bit of patience and SG and our team will reward our support with qualification. I have total confidence in that. The dhims have a point so far and hoping for a Covid null and void. Compare and contrast.
  2. Saying that I put a bet on us winning 4-2 Kamara anytime. I am no oracle. Fiver lost.
  3. I think he has been told to defend more for a change. Either that or he has had an average game for the first time this season. SG has his tactics spot on tonight btw. Nullified them and we look by far the better team. We deserve another goal. Tavs will probably score it.
  4. So glad we didn't sell him in the Summer. He more than pays his wages with his contribution in Europe alone.
  5. A gem of a player for buttons. Almost feel guilty for getting him for 50k. Some celtic players are paid that a week and yet they are out of Europe tonight.
  6. The lad is made for European football. Thrives in games like this.
  7. Are you mental? He is reading the play better than anyone and stopped a goal earlier.
  8. Be surprised if he doesn't mate, especially as they are playing 3 at the back. Gives him space and opportunities.
  9. Loving our pace and commitment. Even Roofe and Morelos are putting good tackles in for the cause.
  10. They are pressing really high, but we have the defence to cope with that. We are one of the best couny attacking teams in Europe. We can really hurt them!!!
  11. Better not concede three. I have us 4-2 Kamara anytime. Defo think their will be lots of goals. Will be a nerve wracking game imo.
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