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  1. Stop with the pitch, no Morelos, played midweek, excuses. With our resources/transfer fees/wages it is a total embarrassment we can’t beat Kilmarnock. How is anyone, manager included, satisfied with that tonight?
  2. Sickened that Worrall is getting another game for us. Hopefully Niko delivers and when we get Goldson back we’ll be rid of him, forever.
  3. We don’t need 3 or 4 in January we need 7 or 8. Abysmal week after week.
  4. Emporer’s New Clothes. Misses more sitters than he scores goals. Constant, needless fouling. Constant, pointless moaning. Hold up play frequently poor, as witnessed tonight. Thoughtless decision making, brainless bookings. The list goes on. If you honestly think this guy is a ‘top striker’ you’re as mental as he is.
  5. A complete and utter embarrassment of a performance. We are so many players away from a truly good team it's shocking. One of the worst sheep teams ever seen and we can barely land a glove. No guile, no skill, no grit,, wandering about the park playing slow, sideways passes. Sickening to watch.
  6. To be honest I'm sick of watching this poor quality play week in week out, we are so many players away from being a good side it's embarrassing.
  7. We can't string 3 passes together, schoolboy stuff. I love the boss but playing Flanagan and Worral make me think he is mentally ill.
  8. slg


    I'm not talking about where we've been or bad decisions going against us, I'm talking about the basic level of football, individually and collectively, being of not a very high standard. I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.
  9. slg


    In the 25 games or whatever it is we've played we've actually only played well in a handful of them. Absolutely shite in some, Aberdeen cup, at the piggery, late goals at Motherwell, Livingstone, last night. The rest we've flattered to deceive in, like scraping past European dross no-one has ever heard of or the Hamilton game where we were poor but a few late goals made it all seem ok. It's not ok. Our performances don't seem to be getting any better. I don't advocate getting rid of SG but if we're honest in the vast majority of games we are at best mediocre and at worst embarrassing.
  10. Why can’t the manager see that Worrall is a big, ponderous donkey? We all can.
  11. I thought the manager looked knackered, dispirited and a bit bewildered by the performance the other night. Hope he's got the enthusiasm and energy back to inspire whatever team he puts out tomorrow. As a slight aside, why hasn't his family moved with him if he's here for the long term? That travelling up and down to England will take it's toll on top of what is one of the biggest, most demanding jobs in British football.
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