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  1. Unexpected Thursday drap-affs. Just in time for the game 🙂
  2. It won't be near 25% this year though. I never went that far back, just our most recent. Away to Braga, win one nil - three days later beaten one nil by Hearts (SC game not the league, but...) followed by a one nil defeat to Hamilton. Beat Red Imps, held by Hibs. I did think we had a euro game pre-Livi but not so.
  3. Money this year will be far less due to no crowds, so we're going to be down anyway. I want to us to win everything, but not at the detriment of the league this year and we continually seem to struggle after a european game.
  4. Did the board lose some posts during the upgrade? 🤔
  5. No access to the OT forum just now but everything else is okay. Update in progress?
  6. #3 needs to include 'sometime this season - results dependent'
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