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  1. I think the news of the world and The sun are sometimes reliable. I remember in the summer a few years ago them revealing people that we were going to sign then weeks later seeing them in a rangers top so they must have decent signings
  2. Sandy got banned. Also would like to aplologise to casey for calling him a wanker but im not withdrawing my point.
  3. Thank You. Try tell casey that , im trying to help people and he bites my head off.
  4. It may be but that thread is full of "my source says this and that pish" and " the deal will be completed on monday(about 3 weeks ago)"
  5. You sir are a Not everyone reads thats thread (me being one of them) as its full of shite so i am letting others know.
  6. According to the NOTW. Only bit you can see because you need to pay for NOTW online.
  7. I know time to set up the forum so you cant sign up with a free email address that way the beggars couldnt sign up.
  8. The photo on FF looks real its just when i put it on here. Maybe i done something when i was blurring the wee boys face.
  9. This looks good for me. No-one ever disagrees with Muff.
  10. I can see how you think it looks fake but its not
  11. Well go on FF and its the same wee boy in every picture.
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