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  1. £5mill spent wisely could bring us 2 top players look at Boogie £2.5mill and Cuellar £2.3mill for example. Or a Jelavic and possibly a good young prospect. Time has come to develop our own player along with supplementing that with a couple of top class players brought in at reasonable prices.
  2. Did we actually pay a fee for him from Wigan?
  3. Yeah lucky for me its only 15 minutes from where i live to get to Tanadump so not as early as tomorrow
  4. The T*rriers will be crapping it if he is Fit for Januarys Old Firm game after what we did to them at the Girodome without him
  5. There is a difference in believing everything you read and commenting on a story on a forum.
  6. Great just what we need another Striker. FFS what is wrong with the Management team do they not see we need full backs and a CH and a CM
  7. I don't think anyone is saying that they don't want to see new faces but i just think we need to go down the same sort of Avenue we have been this season Quality over Quantity just because we can doesn't mean we should. 1 or 2 quality players added per season with the club giving some of the young lads a chance to prove there worth as well thats what i would like to see.
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