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  1. Brian has indeed after 14 years stopped hosting the Champion League on TV3+ here in Denmark as of yesterday. Hes keeping tight lipped over what hes up to next but I very much doubt its anything to do with us. Brilliant bloke is Brian, great sense of humour and always bigging up Rangers at every chance. Very disapointing wife mind.
  2. What about a Rangers Summer Fayre on the pitch at Ibrox including penalty taking against Peter McCloy £5 each or £20 for 5, wet sponge throwing at Ally the gaffer £3 a go with normal water and £22 with a liquid of your own choice, blue rinse permanent hairdo stall with the lovely wife of Robert Prytz £19, egg and spoon race hosted by Kirk Broadfoot £1 with own egg and 3 legged race with Lorenzo Amaruso and Basil Boli £10 per team. Alternately we could offer dinner dates with a members of the Rangers ladies team from 50p depending on fitness.
  3. Ian Black will be a sensation at Rangers.Not sure about Beattie though but if he keeps fit he will be easily good enough for the lower divisions.
  4. my rep is as I see growing by the minute. The truth you dont wont to hear. I got so many negatives by saying that Ian Black was who we needed but there you go. I would have taken Black regardless if we were in the Spl or Sfl. Dirty bastard but a footballer at the same time. If he signs for us he will sort out out the hammer throwers in the 3rd division.
  5. If you want Rangers to die continue to argue with the cunts. We will get nowhere. It must be be better to complain when we´ve got a team on the pitch. Lets do that and take it from there.
  6. Rangers have to be playing this season or we are dead. All the people who want us to to take a year out or reject the sanctions have got to get their head on. I dont want Rangers history to be messed with but if they want to take our trophys away let them. We know we won them fair and square and everyone knows that as well including the tims. If we cant make a deal there is no Rangers. What is worse being stub or watching the the team on the park at Ibrox.
  7. Neil fucking Lennon. Nobody ever beats Celtic fairly. The refs a cheat its a personal attack on his fair self or any other lie that he can dream up to mask the fact that his team are pish.The most unlikeable person ever to grace Scottish football.
  8. Rangers and Celtic would do well in the Premiership but the other teams would struggle. Then again if you gave Aberdeen or Hearts 40 million a year in TV money I wouldnt imagine they would be much worse than Wigan or Stoke. The TV deal in Scotland is crap and why the clubs accept it is mindblowing.Denmark which has the same population as Scotland pays 3 times as much and they have no match that sells internationally as the Old firm does.We just take anything thats flung at us and its about time that Rangers stand up and refuse to sign a new deal that will give us less than were worth.
  9. As star8 says it is remarkable that Scottish football continues to get the crowds at we do. It is down to the Old Firm though. Apart from Hearts it looks like our teams are losing their following. Aberdeen going down to 8000 9000 thousand,whats that all about,well apart from being shite and horrible fuckers in to the bargain.
  10. Spurs and Arsenal are great football teams but they dont win. Man U and Chelsea are not great on the eye but they win matches and I would imagine that Rangers would do the same.
  11. Obviously there are more teams that can beat each other but I dont think that the gap is as big as were told. Jelavic is the perfect example. You get goals in Scotland you will get goals in England. I have no interest in Steven Naismith going down south but he would be a revelation. Probably not at West Brom mind.
  12. It just shows how shit our fanbase is. Going on minus 18 is a hardness in its self but I welcome the match. Rangers fans are not really longer on this place its full of 15 year olds who have no reality.
  13. reading through the posts and someone mentioned Ian Black. I would sign him. Hes a hard bastard and a decent football player and its just what we need.
  14. the days of Brian and Gazza are lost. What we have to do is pick up the best players in the SPL regardless of thier religon. I dont care if your a tim,what I care about is you play for the jersey. End of story.
  15. Ex tim but I wouldnt hold that against him. Tidy player who looks good at St Mirren and as is such would be good at Rangers. I would imagine that whoever takes over we wont have cash to splash so its the type of player we should be looking at.
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