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  1. That'll be a new job for the Lurgan Failure then
  2. Tell us more, I've not worked since February so miss all the banter.
  3. I don't want him sacked from anywhere, I want to hear him implode when we win this title and have to cover it on Radio Snyde, now that will be worth a listen, and btw I want to re4ad how he explains that to the incesuit underclass as they jump over the edge.
  4. Don't care at what level, always want to beat they bas*ards.
  5. Hi guys, I'm gonna be in Blackpool on Wednesday night and want to know the best place to watch us beat that mhanky mob. All suggestions wellcome
  6. The guy has won the CL with Dortmund & Bayern, he's got Switzerland playing well, he's got lots of European contacts and his tactical nous is unquestionable, if Ally could work under him for a few years as well it would do him and us a lot of good.
  7. Goram just oozed quality, and was the coolest player on the park when under pressure, just watch some old vid's of games. Hated the bheggars with a passion and just loved stopping them scoring, he used to make saves no-one had any right getting near against them, 1st by a mile. The world's best goalie since Gordon Banks and Lev Yashin days. Klos, great keeper but shocking distribution, 2nd. Greegs, Very good keeper and will get better, we're lucky to have him still at Ibrox, 3rd
  8. No, he walked away from a deal that almost anyone on the planet would be delighted with and he walked away from my club, The Rangers, you only do that once, so he can rot in sh*tty Teesside.
  9. He was a supporter of Kiddlyfiddlers F.C. and teaching George Galloway the IRA songbook - FACT, check it out on Galloway's website.
  10. I had to miss last nights game due to work commitments and gave my tickets away so I listened to most of it in the car on the M6 but OMG what a noise from Ibrox when that Champions League theme was played, I got bloody goosbumps. Allan Green said on Radio 5 that nothing he has ever heard compares to The Rangers support on CL nights. Well done boys, shame about that penalty though.
  11. I need some help guys, I'm gonna be in Oldham on Tuesday night, anyone know where I can watch the match in the area, I will have my car so I can travel if I have to.
  12. Is that an exclusive? and notice how he only gets to use crayons.
  13. Just been sent this from a mate of a mate of a woman who's daughter cleans at the SFA offices, she says it's genuine, you can judge for yourself.
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