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  1. We have a live one from Royston, that hotbed of them.
  2. Bet the moon howlers will be sick about this, what with their speshul relationshit. WATP GSTQ
  3. Takes me back to 1972 and the best ever atmosphere at Ibrox, well that is until we are all back and the CHAMPIONS55 flag gets unfurled.
  4. What is your point or is it a question?
  5. Hearing from my cousin who's ITK at Tranmere that we're playing them probably on 10th July.
  6. The obsessed mob who follow our every move must be incandescent with rage at our constant reminders of who are the champions and us back where we belong. Brilliant stuff. WATP GIRUT GSTQ NS
  7. Just wait for the first taig to phone in thinking it's Angie from Eastenders joining the beastenders.
  8. Son on that basis Hivs were our toughest opponents
  9. And the game wasn't live on TV as there was some Mickey mouse junior match on that night so it was a delayed transmission, imagine that happening now.
  10. Well IMO it will raise our international profile and will encourage football people who visit Glasgow to come to our museum so what's not to like. If I can help in my own small way i will. Just ordered 3, one for me, my son & grandson.
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