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  1. A quick update for those those who have bought the book. I was down at the Linburn Centre this morning presenting them with £250, latest proceeds from the book. The Linburn Centre in West Lothian helps to rehabilitate the men and women who have lost their sight in the service of their country, our country. They provide help and guidance through arts and crafts, sports and exercise, and basic social and living skills ... Just imagine how hard it is to safely boil a kettle and make a cup of tea when you cant see the kettle. £550 has now been split between the Rangers Charity Foundation and the Scottish War Blinded. Further donations, either in cash or book donations, have been given to the Fernando Ricksen MND appeal, RSEA, The British Heart Foundation and The Founders Trail. It's my intention now to contribute the proceeds of any further sales to some local charities in West Lothian. Thanks to all who have bought a copy and helped the good causes. www.a-rangers-story.co.uk
  2. This was indeed the game Vs ICT, March 9th 1996, ICT 0, Rangers 3 Ally and Gazza get a little personal ! www.a-rangers-story.co.uk
  3. For what it's worth. I was told today, by one of the marketing people at Livingston FC, that Rangers will be playing Real Sociadad at Almondvale on July 14th.
  4. I'm heading through from Livingston on Saturday, at about 11am. IF anyone there or in West Lothian fancies helping out I can supply a lift. Need to be back in Livi for 5pm at latest.
  5. Looking for a Fathers Day gift? Why not give your Blue Nose dad a Rangers book! ‘It’s off to the match I go’ Rangers supporters get portrayed far too often as bigots, thugs and mindless morons – and you know what – we’re nothing of the sort. We are normal folk with hopes and desires like everyone else, we experience joy and tragedy, have good days and bad days … we just happen to follow a team based in Glasgow who play in blue. ‘It’s off to the match I go’ is my story, growing up as a Rangers fan. Ten copies in stock at the moment, will be sent out on same day as order if before 3pm. www.its-off-to-the-match.co.uk ‘It’s a Glasgow Rangers Story' This is a more generic book looking at seventy odd years of Rangers history, from the 1940s to the present day, with contributions and anecdotes from over one hundred Teddy Bears. The book looks at some memorable victories, the great players and the personalities that have graced the club - but also at some the less pleasurable moments, because you really can’t have one without the other. Thirty books in stock at the moment, will be sent out on same day as order if before 3pm. www.a-rangers-story.co.uk Proceeds from the books, or fundraising copies, have been donated to the Scottish War Blinded, Rangers Charity Foundation, and to other worth causes … including the Fernando Ricksen MND appeal, British Heart Foundation, Rangers Supporters Erskine Appeal, the Founders Trail, and to Youth Football in West Lothian.
  6. Second last chance tonight, being optimistic, to get a copy of the book this season. Corner of the Copland Road end and the East Enclosure, next to the JG statue. 6.45 'til just before kick off. www.a-rangers-story.co.uk
  7. A good Development side / Youth setup produces good players, not a multitude of trophies. Not saying that our setup is a good one, but when its up and running properly, I wouldn't be too upset to see fourth in the league ... and a couple of quality players coming through. A youth League trophy Vs another Barry Ferguson / Lewis McLeod? I know which I'd prefer.
  8. If anyone fancies a copy of the book, I'll be on Edmiston Drive, at the corner of the Copland and East Enclosure, next to the John Greig statue. From about 2.20, till just before kick-off. Seventy odd years of Rangers history, with contributions from over 100 fellow supporters. Book proceeds donated to the Rangers Charity Foundation and The Scottish War Blinded. What's not to like. www.a-rangers-story.co.uk
  9. The clue in in the name Development League. It matter not a jot whether we win a youth league or not, the object of the exercise is to produce quality players. Celtic, a few years ago, won the Youth League and Cup double, and at the end of the season released every one of those players ... was that team a success? No I'd suggest.
  10. From the 1970 League Cup Final... The golden goal that sent The Rangers’ supporters home in delirious delight was scored in the 41stminute of an epic encounter by the youngest player on the park, sixteen-year-old Derek Johnstone... a tremendous roar split the Hampden skies as young Derek glanced the ball under a sprawling Evan Williams. From the CWC Final... It was in the first thirty minutes that Rangers turned on the style for their fans. Particularly Derek Johnstone, the eighteen year old strode through the final like a soccer great instead of the youth he is. His confidence was as uncanny as his football was superb. Was he a Rangers great, of course he was, and streets ahead of Mark Hately who made the "greatest ever team". www.a-rangers-story.co.uk
  11. Slight change of pitch today vs Raith Rovers... on Edmiston Drive just along from the John Greig Statue. Hoping to catch some of the good folk who sit in the Club Deck, Main Stand and East Enclosure. All sales today will be going to the Scottish War Blind. www.a-rangers-story.co.uk
  12. £9.99 ... but no guarantee that i'll have the 1p change from a tenner
  13. Usual place today Vs Hearts, 11.30am or thereabouts. Half way now towards my target sales for the Scottish War Blind. www.a-rangers-story.co.uk
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