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  1. dont even know what to say.... i can't deal with this pish anymore. we aren't the same club we were pre-2012. it's time to accept it. our club is dead.
  2. i dont even have the fucking energy for this season. i know how it's gonna go...and i'm not interested anymore. just can't watch it anymore.
  3. fuck this shite. we've gone to shit. our club is fucked. what a joke we have become.
  4. aye looks like it. gonna be a shite season and we'll end up with yet another fucking new manager and have to punt warburton's donkeys AND pedro's. fucking hell.
  5. fucking joke. get a fucking grip rangers. fucking embarassing against part timers.
  6. is it half 6 kick off? im just back in the UK so still a bit jet lagged and forgetting track of time.
  7. how is you can tell that someone is a celtic supporter by just looking at them? haha anyway...if celtic don't want to play their game against linfield then UEFA should just forfeit the game on celtic's behalf and give the points to linfield. i hope UEFA don't budge and refuse to move the date/location. if i wasn't to turn up to my work i'd get fired. fire celtic out of the champions league if they don't wanna play their matches. simples.
  8. aye they've got scarves with it written on it and even the BBC commentators kept calling them brenda's invincibles or some shite.
  9. so these cunts are calling themselves "the invincibles" now? lmfao. aye alright fs calm down. pretty much a perfect season for them but settle down. lightning rarely strikes twice in the same place. i swear to fuck we better put these cunts under pressure next season. no excuses. i'm fucking sick of every cunt and their dug praising brenda and sellick and making them out to be world beaters. get it fucking together rangers.
  10. couldn't help but laugh at lemon raging. get back in your place hibs.
  11. yet they are sitting 2nd place with a 12 point advantage over us. we're closer to 4th place than 2nd. we should be more worried about the mighty st johnstone overtaking us. but aye totally over rated and have done fuck all.
  12. hope the wee guy and his family enjoy their day at ibrox!
  13. lol 2-0 against the mighty invincible word beaters celtic. and some say we are no where near them.
  14. Our biggest problem is Warburton. king has let him bring in a load of players but most of them are nowhere to be seen. the biggest signings are gone, injured, or under peforming. I believe the guys we have are more than capable of winning the premiership but simply just not being managed properly. How long do we give warburton and if he goes who do we replace him with?
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