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  1. it was out of order. i take it back. i will delete it. i'm not a taig. been a Rangers fan my entire life. i make no excuses for the ridiculous comments i have made today. sorry guys :(
  2. a lot of people seem to hate Scotland on here. quite odd when they support a team based in scotland. most people probably would prefer if we were based in England. hell a lot of people have called for us to leave scotland. so much for tradition and history eh?
  3. lol the only "wrong" fans are the idiots in here. you support a scottish team but fuck you for wearing a kilt and voting for independence for our country, right? fuck off away down to england if you love the queen and great Britain so much.
  4. what kind of daft cunt buys something and doesn't give a delivery address lol.
  5. actually think it's no bad. the blue shorts are too much though. should always be blue top, white shorts, black socks for the home kit. same for the away kit...would be fine with blue shorts no white. probably fake though. thought we were keeping the same top?
  6. it's an improvement but could still use some work.
  7. well in pedro. shame on mccoist for standing there and no even attempting to back up the rangers manager. what an arsehole.
  8. aye you'd think but oh no that might actually win us the game. can't be having any of that.
  9. we were 2 - 0 up but we'll be lucky to win this.
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