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  1. if its safety reason as they say surely we could get a beamback at ibrox were we get the money tell them to stick there tickets up there arse if they cant keep the fans safe Rangers should have every right to explore this they opened the door
  2. cause we pumped them to qualify for the play off as the best supported team in Scotland
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Scottish-Rangers-Tartan-Heavy-Kilt-Kilt-Pin-Geoffrey-/281796119867?hash=item419c5b8d3b:g:k0sAAOSwEetV8Utw like this
  4. H Jensen (Borussia Monchengladbach and Denmark). sure he score in the 3-2 win in 73-74 season
  5. can you confirm the time again gb at the statue around 12 i take it cheers paul1964
  6. was thinking the same thing should be good tomorrow
  7. correct well done alan ball 1967 v england
  8. nope but i like your answer
  9. which famous player quote was this and who was it against "are you not ashamed to be on the same pitch as me "
  10. played us in a FA Cup semi final
  11. also would like one to complete my collection
  12. you would like to think if we had 23 corners we would have won at least one header and scored back in my day big DJ and bomber would each have had a hat trick with wee Tommy crossing the ball in the thing that annoys me is our players never seem able to get in front of the defender to get a header on target. i understand why we take short corners all the time but sometimes we just need to vary it rant over
  13. just beat me to it was going to say wee tommy mclean as well
  14. happy with the draw but lets not underestimate killie they have drawn home and away with c****c this season so will rise to the occasion I am sure
  15. if you are on facebook look up Rangers Art by Helen Runciman you will find it there think its a £100 a print, just message Murray Roxburgh to join group you can meet him at ibrox for pick up
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