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  1. Tims watching Rangers last night...
  2. Like having to pay out multi millions in compensation? Sponsors dropping them like a hot potato when all the sordid truth eventually makes the front page? Hopefully being cast down the leagues for being complicit in the cover up of all cover ups? Season ticket money dwindling due to no ‘big signings’ because the sellik brand is toxic? No European football for the foreseeable future? Here’s hoping...
  3. He could get a job with Martin Lewis at MoneySavingExpert.com
  4. Woah! Easy up there! My Uncle managed Galatasaray back in the day. Waaay before Souness got the gig.
  5. 50 pence Heid was one I remember, as the ball either went in the direction it was supposed to off his big napper, or away up in row z when it hit one of the angular bits...
  6. Love the fact that we’ve won more league titles at Tannadice than they’ve won league titles...
  7. Shocking photos have appeared of Broxi Bear & that wee minx Sonia O’Neill...
  8. Surely it could be argued that the rule that allowed punishment of any club that covered up the sexual abuse of children, was in place when the majority, if not all of the crimes were committed?
  9. Fair do’s mate. I agree with what you say re Rod Stewart. I was brought up on most of his early stuff (faces & solo) & still listen to it today. Shame he lost his way a bit after the faces split up, but still recorded some great tracks as a solo artist. Very underrated songwriter too. His love of the tims in the past few years has probably made me like him a bit less, but musically - I agree, he’s one of the best we’ve ever had.
  10. Before that cunt decided to be a plastic tim, he was in a pretty good fucking band.
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