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  1. The Europa League awards at the end of the season are going to be good. Best Goal - Kemar Roofe Best Save - Allan McGregor
  2. This ones for you dad, it’s been nearly a year since you left us. Wish you were still here to enjoy it with me xx
  3. If they drop points on Sunday, they’ll be forever known as Cowards. Not willing to defend their own ground. Yellow.
  4. Lovely wee article celtic manager Neil Lennon has resigned from his role at celtic after enduring one of the worst seasons in recent memory. The Parkhead club sit unfathomably far behind Rangers in Scotland’s top tier after a string of domestic failures, European humiliations and frankly confusing selection policies. It puts a tin hat on celtic’s challenge for ten championships in a row, a record unparalleled in Scottish football, which would have been the culmination of the club’s ambitions for a decade. Every social media post the club has made has been accompani
  5. Craigs heid is full of broken biscuits.
  6. Holyrood appointment mate, wee nippy will get the tims job once she gets sacked as FM
  7. You forgot the first bit... “Hello, this is the operator here. I have a call for you, would you accept reverse charges?”
  8. Off to the Erskine Bridge you pop Roger, there’s a good lad.
  9. Hullo....I’d like to be Frank here...
  10. Looking forward to SSB tonight more than the new James Bond movie tbh
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