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  1. To those investigating be sure to keep backup copies cached copies etc. Im not tech savvy enough to do this but please keep backup copies screenshots etc. Methinketh the beasts from the east will be making a lot of things conveniently dissapear.
  2. Aye I dont see the harm in what Roberts doing I was at the Green Ricksen and Weir nights and thoroughly enjoyed myself. If the club don't do it its their loss. Do you go slagging all the wee guys who stand outside ibrox selling scarves and tammies for depriving rangers of money too? Plus a donation gets made by the pub to the explayers benevolent fund. The only downside is Roberts jokes
  3. Well done to Ian for pushing this and giving up his free time to push it. If half of us who moaned showed half as much commitment we would be the biggest club in Europe More power to you Ian and all the best with it. I remain to be convinced but its clear you have Rangers interests at heart. This will take a lot of your time and effort and for that I commend you sir., Rangers First !
  4. The football fans/CIC thing that was at the louden AC i think its some kind of fans ownership vehicle but im sure Ian will tell you more.
  5. I was trying, but yet again being accused of someone I'm not by someone who seems a bit obsessed. As per what gogzy said im not posting in this thread. If RFC 52 wants to beleive im xyz thats fine because no amount of reason or logic can convince someone that obsessed. I'm out.
  6. Why let the truth get in the way of your obsession Admin can confirm they are different IP's My first and only account was made last year. Admin can so confirm this if they wish. Seriously get a life. Its sad how obsessed you are with this individual.
  7. Ok cool. You seem a bit obsessed with this former poster. I'd either go to a shrink or ignore my posts. Its clearly a bit of a unhealthy obsession you have.
  8. Nonsense. Gogzy just called for everyone to get along and stop the name calling. So Im not dignifying this pathetic stuff again.
  9. The whole thing is heartbreaking. But i hope he gets on top of the disease. He will take strength from the reaction he has had over here.
  10. Not a previous member. Had this discussion. Admin can confirm if they look at the ip addresses. Just saying.
  11. By the man the bheasts cant tame? Aye read that, but we never really got the cunts in court which they should have been!!!
  12. Wish the club would put as much effort into chasing down whoever was behind the damaging RTC blog
  13. Not yet. Think hes coming back over when it is to do some book signings, health permitting
  14. Nice wee docu about FR2's recent visit to glasgow in january. in dutch but a good bit in english Nice interviews with the goalie and the gaffer at the end http://www.tvl.nl/nl/tvl-sportarena/sportarena/ricksen-in-glasgow/#.UwOq5_l_ucF some nice footage of ibrox too No surrender FR2
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